State Assessment Support

EduTech State Assessment Department

The GV/W-FL Educational Technology Services (EduTech) State Assessment Department provides forty-seven public school districts and three non-public schools with assistance and management in test scoring procedures, data warehousing and regents results reporting.

The EduTech State Assessment Department is focused on NYSED 3 -8 testing, NYSAA, NYSESLAT, NYSITELL, and Regents Exams.

Services include, the support of computer based testing (CBT), data readiness to the school districts, training, and directions prior to, and after test administration to ensure complete and accurate scoring and reporting of test records to SED.

In addition, the EduTech State Assessment Department, also provides the public school and non-public school districts with paper answer sheets, labels, and supporting documentation. The EduTech State Assessment Department is the hub for the Assessment Scoring and Analysis Program (ASAP) used throughout New York State, and the development of regents answer Sheets.

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