Genetec Desktop Client Access

Accessing the Genetec Security Client on a remote server.

Staff requesting access to the Genetec Security Desk (Desktop Client) should submit a support ticket to the helpdesk.  Helpdesk staff will schedule a time to set your workstation up for access to the Genetec Security Desk.

Helpdesk staff will create a Remote into Desktop Client shortcut on your computers desktop. 

 If you have any problems using the shortcut, please contact helpdesk.

Steps to connect to the computer

1 - Locate the Remote into Desktop Client icon on your desktop

picture of a computer monitor with a small arrow pointing to it

2 - Ensure your User name and the computer IP address are provided in the Remote Desktop Connection dialog.

a picture of a dialog box that users interact with


3 - Provide your password

picture dialog box with a box for a password

4 - Click OK

You should connect and see the EduTech Acceptable Use policy, click OK

ok button on a blue background


5 - Locate the Genetec Security Desk and the Config Tool in the Start Menu

a red arrow with letters Windows Start Menu pointing to white 4 square icon