Uploading Student Photos

When instructed to do so, you can use the following information to upload student photos so that they can be imported into your student and/or ancillary systems. If you have questions or run into trouble uploading student photos using the information in this area, feel free to call us using 1-800-722-5797 option 1 then option 1

Uploading Photos

  1. Go to the following website: 



  2. Enter your FTP "Username" into the "Account" field as illustrated below (**Hint: This is typically your school email address)

  3. Enter your FTP "Password" into the "Password" field as illustrated above

  5. Click the "Login" button to log into the site and to continue with this instruction set

  6. On the next screen that appears, double click the folder you wish to upload files to:

  7. Click the “Upload File” button that appears in the upper left corner of the site:

  8. On the “Upload File” screen, perform ONE of the following steps:
    • To only upload a single file (i.e. a ZIP file) click the “Choose File” button and then skip to the very last step in this article below

    • To upload more than one file at a time click the “Switch to standard upload mode” button as illustrated below which will allow you :

      • If you wish, as pre-work to this step you can actually put all of the images you wish to upload into a single ZIP (*.zip) file and then upload the images all at once in a single ZIP file, which then eliminates the need to perform the next few steps (e.g. you won’t need to switch the upload mode and browse for individual files). Some photo companies actually provide student photos in a ZIP file by default, which is perfectly fine to upload to our site assuming that the person requesting the photos instructs you to do so.
      • If you’re using Google Chrome, you may be prompted to allow Flash to run on your computer the first time you perform this step. If so, simply click the puzzle piece that appears, and click “Allow” when prompted to continue.

  9. Click the “Browse Files” button that appears on the next screen

  10. Navigate to the location where the pictures you wish to upload exist which can be on your computer or network drive

  11. Select the photos you wish to upload by either holding down the SHIFT key and using your mouse to single click the specific photos you wish you upload –or-- press Ctrl-A on the keyboard to select ALL of the files in the folder you navigated to at once

    • After you have selected files, the names of each file will appears in the “File Name” field as illustrated above.
    • Depending on the company that took your student photos, you may also need to include the “idlink.txt” file that comes with the photos when you upload them individually as some systems may require this file in order for photos to be uploaded into them successfully – when in doubt ask the person whom requested that you upload photos to our site to be sure if this extra file is needed in addition to the student photos or not.

  12. Click the “Open” button to continue – the list of files will now appear in the “Upload File” window as illustrated below


  13. Click the “Upload” button to upload the files – a progress indicator will appear as illustrated below, and a “Stop!” button will appear which you can click if you wish to interrupt the upload

  14. When the upload is complete, you should see “Upload completed!” and the list of files that were previously appearing on the “Upload File” screen will clear out as illustrated below:

  15. Click the “Close” button that appears in the lower right of the screen to continue

  16. Review the list of files that were uploaded to confirm that all of the files you expected to upload, did so successfully

    **Hint: The number of files in “studentphotos” directory after the update will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen


Change Your FTP Password

The following steps can be used to change your FTP password, once you've been successful at logging in:

  1. Click the “Change Password” button that appears in the top right of the screen

  2. Type in the password you were provided into the “Existing Password” field

  3. Type in the password you desire into the “New Password” field – the password you change it to must be at least 8 characters long

  4. Type in the password you desire again into the “Confirm Password” field

  5. Click OK to continue

  6. Click the “Logout” button in the top right hand corner to log out of the site

  7. Attempt to login again using your new password

Get an FTP Account

Student FTP Account Request Form

FTP Account Help

If you forgot your FTP Username or Password, send an email to student@edutech.org for assistance or call 1-800-722-5797 option 1 then option 1