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Registrars, Office Staff

Census Training

Intro to SchoolTool; Census Overview; Census Search Submodule; Contacts Tab; Addresses Tab; Student Tab; Demographics Tab; Letters, User Defined, Notes Tabs; Reports; Add a Family; Contacts Tab; Addresses Tab; Student Tab; Add/Delete Person Submodule; Reports Submodule; Batch Enrollment Submodule; Batch Program Services Submodule

Attendance Officers, School Nurses, Front Office Staff

Attendance Training

Sub-Modules Overview; Single VS Multiple Entries; Adding Records; Instructional Modality; Batch Add Attendance; Generate Attendance Letters; Unresolved Absences; Attendance Sub-Module; Today’s Attendance; Reconcile; Reports

Principals, Office Staff, Disciplinarians, Superintendents


Discipline Search; Students to See; Detention List; Suspension List; Recommendations; Discipline Reports; Discipline Letters

Counselors, Principals

Counseling Training

Counseling Search; Batch Enrollment Edit; Assessments; Batch Edit Schedules; Activities; User Defined Assessments; Course History; Alternative Enrollments; Retrieve Student Grades; Grades Tab; Reports; Managing Student Schedules

Counselors, Principals

Mark Reporting/Rank/GPA

Learn how to lock Class Rank's and GPA's for students and why school's typically do this.

School Schedulers, Counselors, Principals

End-of-Year Rollover Review

This course explores the steps that need to be completed in SchoolTool each school year before July 1.  In addition, you'll see how students get "grade advanced", which is part of the steps that must be taken before the new school year starts in Sept.

Counselors, Principals

Report Card Review – Elem

Grading Scales; Grading Scale Types that use Grading Scales; Course Topics that use Grading Scale Types; Course Topic Report Card Mappings that use Course Topics

Counselors, Principals

Report Card Review – HS

Review of Yearly Building School Level Options for Vertical Averages, Yearly Options and Lock Rank and GPA help.

School Schedulers, Counselors, Principals

Scheduling Training 1

Basic Scheduling Overview; Four Steps of Scheduling (Setup, Building of Master Schedule, Loading Students, Finalizing - Study Halls, Lock the Master Schedule)

School Schedulers, Counselors, Principals

Scheduling Training 2

Master Schedule Edit; Notes on Master Schedule Editor; Course Details; Section Numbers; Leaving Period set to "NONE"; Graded;  Examine/Choose Methodology (Rollover, Create New, Use SchoolTool MSB; White Board; Master Schedule Reports

School Schedulers, Counselors, Principals

Scheduling Training 3

Student Schedule Builder; Analyze Reports to Verify Master Schedule; Student Schedule Builder Options; Add Constraints; Define Priorities; Run Options; Analyze Placement Reports; Lock the Master Schedule; Run Study Hall overlay; Master Schedule Reports tab

School Schedulers, Counselors, Principals

Elementary Scheduling

Discussion on the process of how to create, change or manage Elementary Scheduling. We will review the steps needed to rollover (or create) a Master Schedule and schedule students into sections as well as setup Course Topic Descriptors for the Elementary Report Cards.

School Schedulers, Counselors, Principals

Summer School Setup - Regional

This course covers setting up Summer School in SchoolTool when the program will have both students from your district AND students from other districts enrolled.

School Schedulers, Counselors, Principals

Faculty Recommendations

Districts have the ability to allow teachers to submit course recommendations for their students. These recommendations can then be reviewed and approved by counseling staff; when recommendations are approved, course selections will be created for those students/courses

School Nurses

Medical Training

Medical Overview; Today’s Remaining Visits; Today’s Visits; Medication Information; Medical Reports; Physician Maintenance; Medical Maintenance sub-module; Batch Add Immunizations; Visits Tab – scheduled & unscheduled; Medications; Medical Transcript; Screening Tab; History Tab; Conditions and Alerts; Physicians Tab and Insurance Tab

Transportation Directors, Office Staff that Manage Student Transportation Schedules

Transportation Training

Defining buses; Defining other transportation types; Pick-up & drop-off locations; Assigning students to buses; Transportation Reports

Office Staff, Custodians, Grounds Managers


Introduction to Lockers; Current Locker Maintenance – Locker#, combo, status; Assign Lockers; Un-assign Lockers; Locker Reports; Locker Status

Super Users

Custom Export

Overview of Maintenance > Export > Custom Export sub-module: Overview of Custom Export Tabs; Fields; Columns; Filter; Order By; Options; Preview vs Export; Saving an Export; Running an export without access to Maintenance module; Tips

Super Users

Actions Tab

Create a Document using advanced search/select criteria: From file; Labels; Data sets- keywords; Letters; User-defined; Attendance –Consecutive days

Principals, Superintendents


Assessments; 3-8 Assessments; Attendance; Comparative; Course Attendance; Course Scores; Demographics; Discipline; Faculty View; Graduation Rate; SLO; Student View; UDA: Overview of how Dashboards works.

Super User

Parent Portal

Requirements for Parent Portal Account Creation; Adjust Permissions; Manage Groups; Account Options; Create Account; Account Maintenance; Cell Phone App; Census; Student Account options (vs Parents)


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