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Training options

EduTech offers remote and in-person SchoolTool training at different times of the year.  Attend a scheduled training (listed below) or contact us if you need training that is not listed on our current schedule.

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All training sessions will be through Frontline for registration and Zoom for the actual training. Once you have registered, you will receive an email. Sessions will close the day before and you will receive a reminder email with the Zoom login information.

Contact SchoolTool Support

Contact us.
1-800-722-5797 option 1 then 2.

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Training Locations

GVEP Genesee Valley Educational Partnership
80 Munson Street Leroy, NY 14482

W-FL BOCES Regional Support Center
The Conference Center
131 Drumlin Court Newark, NY 14513

Registering for courses

To register for one of the courses, click on the name of the session you would like to attend. This will take you to My Learning Plan through Frontline. Click on the Enroll button in the middle of the screen and follow the instructions to register. All sessions will be held through Zoom and registration will be turned off the day before the actual session. The morning of your session you will receive an email with the Zoom link to the session. If you have any questions, email

For additional help with My Learning Plan, refer to this help document on Registering for an activity in WebReg (pdf).

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Registration links

To register for a session, click the link below and follow registration instructions in My Learning Plan.

Counseling Module Review: August 26 – 1 PM - 3 PM 

Dashboards Review: September 22 – 9 AM - 11 AM 

Attendance Module: September 23 – 9 AM - 11 AM 

Attendance Module: September 29 – 1 PM - 3 PM 

Census Training: October 12 – 1 PM - 3 PM 

Dashboard Overview: October 15 (morning) – 10 AM - 11 AM 

Dashboard Overview: October 15 (afternoon) – 1 PM - 2 PM 

Report Card Review - Elementary: October 19 – 1 PM - 2 PM 

Report Card Review - Secondary: October 20 – 1 PM - 2 PM 

Actions Tab: November 3 - 9 AM - 11 AM

Custom Export: November 10 – 1 PM - 3 PM 

Faculty Recommendations: December 9 - 10 AM - 11 AM

Scheduling Training 1: December 14 – 9 AM - 11 AM 

Scheduling Training 1: December 15 – 1 PM - 3 PM