Updating Bus Assignments

At this time, there is no built-in utility that would allow the average user to upload student bus assignments directly into Schooltool to update multiple student records at once. Instead, the following steps must be performed.

  1. Use your schools transportation program (i.e. Transfinder, VersaTrans) to create a data file in the format illustrated in the following template:

    Click Here to Download Bus aSSIGNMENTS Template
    **Hint: The column names and order of the columns in the data file you create are very important, and must match EXACTLY what is illustrated in the template above.

  2. **IMPORTANT** Confirm that the Bus Numbers that students were assigned to in your Transportation Program EXACTLY MATCH those that are entered in the Transportation Module of Schooltool (Transportation>Maintenance>Bus). If not then manually enter or edit any bus numbers that do not match what's in your Transportation system, into Schooltool before completing the next step

  3. Once you have confirmed that the bus numbers entered in Schooltool match the bus numbers students have been assigned to in your Transportation program, submit the following form:

    Once we receive the form, we will then submit a case to the vendor for Schooltool requesting that your data file be processed, and the bus information uploaded into Schooltool.

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