Deleting Schooltool Accounts

The following tabs provide information on deleting Schooltool accounts - be sure to click the tab that applies to the type of account you wish to delete.

Network Accounts

Delete a Network Account:

The “Disable Current Logins” button on the Accounts tab, allows you to delete ALL accounts that appear on the "Accounts" tab of Student, Faculty and Parent records, regardless of if the account is a Network or Email Based account. Doing so will immediately prevent the Student, Faculty or Parent from logging into schooltool.

When the button is clicked, a message will appear asking you to confirm the operation by clicking OK to continue. Any accounts that were deleted after taking this action, must be manually recreated - there is no "Undo" feature.

Note: If no accounts have been associated to the person, the "Disable Current Logins" button will not appear. Any time this button is clicked, an entry is added to the schooltool audit log to ensure a record is made of the action should it be needed.

Email Based Accounts

    Delete Email Based Accounts:

  1. Click the "Edit" button () that appears to the left of the account that you wish to work with as it appears the Accounts tab

  2. Delete the Account: Click the Select Button () that appears to the left of "Delete account" to delete the account - if you choose to do this the result cannot be undone.

  3. Click the "Done" button that appears in the upper right of the Accounts tab to complete the steps in this section