Solving Account Problems

The following tabs provide information on troubleshooting situations where users are unable to logon with their Schooltool accounts - be sure to click the tab that applies to the type of account the user has.

Network Accounts

Should a user be unable to log onto Schooltool using their network account, first confirm that the username they're attempting to type into Schooltool, matches a network account that appears on the "Account" tab of their person record (see image above).

If this is the case, inform the user that their Active Directory account is actually what might be locked out. To resolve this issue, have them contact their schools Domain Administrator who should be able to unlock the account or reset the password for it.

Network Accounts in Schooltool do not contain passwords, but instead simply serve to "pass through" information about the user that's trying to logon to Active Directory, and then Active Directory determines if that user is real and if the password they typed in is correct. If neither of these situations are true, the user won't be able to logon to Schooltool.

Email Based Accounts

    Edit, Unlock or Reset Passwords for Email Based Accounts:

    1. Click the "Edit" button () that appears to the left of the account that you wish to work with as it appears the Accounts tab

    2. Use the following as a guide depending on the action you wish to take next:

      • Change the security groups the account belongs to: Use the "Save Group Assignments" area to to check or un-check the security groups the account should belong to - be sure to click the "Save Group Assignments" button to save any changes you might make, before leaving the screen

      • Change the accounts password: You can either click the Select Button () that appears to the left of "Generate New Password" to have Schooltool assign the account a random password, or to the left of "Set Password" to assign a password after you've typed something into the empty field that appears to the right, to the account.

    3. Click the "Done" button that appears in the upper right of the Accounts tab to complete the steps in this section