Managing BEDS Provider Records in Schooltool

Although in most cases, a full list of NY State BEDS Providers comes pre-loaded with Schooltool, this article provides you with the steps that should be followed anytime you need to add new BEDS Provider records manually to Schooltool.  By following the steps in this article, you can ensure that data transmitted to NY State and any of your school's ancillary applications is sent accurately.


  1. Use any web browser to go to the following website:$.startup 

  2. Perform a query for the school’s name using the following as a guide:


    **Hint: you MUST type a percent sign (%) at the end of the institution name in order to search the database.  The less you type of the school name sometimes is better!

  3. From the list of schools that are returned, click on the name of the exact school you wish to add to Schooltool - a full set of details about that school appear

  4. Make note of the information that appears on the "Institution Details" screen which you'll use later in this instruction set, using the information below:


    • A) The value in this field is used to fill out the "BEDS Provider Code" and "Export BEDS Code" fields in Schooltool

    • B) The last 6 digits (a building record) or last 4 digits (a district record) of the value in this field is used to fill out the "Export BEDS Location" field in Schooltool.

  5. Login into Schooltool if you haven't already, and click Maintenance>Census>BEDS Providers

  6. Perform a search for the BEDS Record you wish to add or modify using the following as a guide:

    **Hint:  When searching, type less of the school name into the search field, not more!

    • If results are found, click the "Edit" button that appears to the left of the BEDS Record you wish to modify

    • If no results are found it's legitimate to click the "PLUS" button in the top right of the screen to add a new blank record - but before doing so check the spelling of what you typed as it's

  7. Use the following as a guide to make sure that what is entered in the BEDS record in Schooltool matches the information from the search results page you opened in step #2 depending on if the record is for an entire school district or just one single building within a school district:

    • A) Data Fields for a Specific School Building within a School District:


    • B) Data Fields for an Entire District:

  8. Save your changes