Viewing Grade Book Data Imports in Schooltool

When Schooltool has been configured to automatically import grade book data from an ancillary system (i.e. Schoology), or in the event that you have manually imported grade book data into Schooltool, you can check and potentially troubleshoot the result of the import using the following steps:

  1. Login to Schooltool if you haven't already
  2. Click Maintenance>Import>Grade Book Assignments
  3. Use the following to interpret what you see on the screen:

    • Last Result:  This section helps you to determine if and when grade book data was imported into Schooltool, including the name of the file that was imported (file name), the date that the data was imported on (import date), and the data that was in the file which was imported (i.e. assignments and grades created).
      GB Import Last Result Screen

    • Unable to Import Lines:  This section displays a list of the rows in the data file that were not imported - anywhere that you see more than one comma ( , ) in a single row (highlighted in yellow in the image below) indicates a situation where required data in a given record that was in the grade book data file is missing
      Example of the "Unable to Import Lines" Section

      **IMPORTANT:  In order for grade book data in one system (i.e. Schoology) to be successfully imported into Schooltool, each grade book assignment in that system must have at least a DATE and a NAME for the assignment.  Staff should be instructed to make sure that any assignments they create in the "upstream system" (i.e. Schoology) must be given dates or those assignments will not automatically appear in Schooltool, but instead will appear in this area of the Imports screen representing an error or "bad data" situation.

    • Assignment Import Errors:  This section displays a list of specific assignments that were not able to be imported into a given section (section ID) due to an error as detailed in the last column to the right

      Assignment Import Errors Example

      **Hint:  In the example above, the assignments listed can't be imported into Schooltool because the length of the assignment name that the teacher gave to the assignment is longer than 50 characters.  Assignment names in Schooltool are limited to 50 characters!!

    • Score Import Errors:  This section displays a list of the scores that were in the grade book data file that was last imported, that couldn't be imported into Schooltool for a reason listed in the "Error" column that appears to the right
      Score Import Error Examples

      **Hint:  In the example above, the assignments can't be imported into Schooltool because the grade books for the sections in question (listed in the Course Section ID column), haven't yet been setup by the teacher assigned to that section.  Assignments can't be imported into any sections in Schooltool where the teacher hasn't yet setup the Schooltool Grade Book for that course!!