Enabling Google Authentication

When you enable Google Authentication in Schooltool, users whom are already logging into Schooltool won't suddenly be unable to login.  Instead, you will simply be adding an additional way that the user can login:

After completing the steps in this article, users will be able to Logon to Schooltool using their:

  1. Schooltool username and password (local account)
  2. Active Directory username and password (network account)
  3. Google Account (Google email address and password)

Google Authentication can be setup without interrupting how any current users login, making it safe to do at anytime.  After you've successfully enabled Google Authentication in Schooltool, the following new icon will appear on the Schooltool Login Screen, allowing users to either login how they always have --OR-- to click "Sign in with Google" to logon using their Google Email Address and Password:

Illustration of the different ways to logon to Schooltool

The following document provides information on configuring Schooltool to allow users to login with Google Authentication:

After completing the steps in the document above, users will not actually be able to immediately login to Schooltool using their Google Email Address and password unless a LOCAL (email based) account is also created in Schooltool as a separate step, that matches their Google Email Address.  LOCAL (email based) accounts can be easily and quickly created in mass using the steps in this article:

**Note:  In order to successfully complete ALL of the steps in this article, individuals must first have a Google Email Address stored in their Person Record in Schooltool.  If you need help with populating email addresses into person records in Schooltool, send an email to schooltool@edutech.org to request assistance.