Generating CUSTOM Reports

This article describes the process of generating (running) a CUSTOM Report that was crated for your school and published in the Home>My Reports module of Schooltool.

  1. Login to Schooltool if you haven't already

  2. Click Home>My Reports - the "My Reports" area appears on the right as illustrated below

    **Hint: if you haven't ever used this area in the past, or never saved any published reports to your favorites list, the screen might give you the impression that there aren't any reports available to you, because there will be no reports listed as shown above. This is normal for those users who haven't every used the "My Reports" module in Schooltool before.

  3. Mark the "All Reports" radio button - a list of all of the published CUSTOM reports that are available to you will appear below

    **Hint: if after completing this step, there are still no reports visible to you, that means either no reports have been made available to you based on your job responsibilities, or something has been incorrectly configured. Contact your schools Help Desk or IT Director for further assistance.

  4. Below in the list of reports, click the Select () button that appears to the left of the report that you wish to launch - depending on the report that you choose, you may see a set of fields next --or-- a new report screen may appear next in a pop-up window

    **Hint: if you haven't done so already, be sure to configure your web-browser to trust your school's Schooltool site, otherwise when you attempt to perform this step, it may appear as if nothing is happening.

  5. Respond to any report prompts that might appear to the best of your ability (i.e. Click Yes, OK, Select a Year or Date), and if necessary click the "Continue" or "View Report" buttons, assuming that the information you're hoping to see in the report doesn't automatically appear after a reasonable amount of time.

  6. Decide what you'd like to do with the report (i.e. View it, Print it, Export it) - depending on the report, in addition to printing the report to a printer, you may be able to perform special steps using the navigator that appears at the top of the report.

    Exporting a Report to Excel:

    The following provides information on exporting a report to Excel, if and when that's an option when you generate the report.

    • A) Click the Disk icon that appears to the top of the navigator

    • B) From the menu that appears click "Excel" as illustrated below:

    • C) Use the screen that appears next to navigate to any folder on your computers hard drive (i.e. your Desktop) to save the file to just like you would any other file you might download from the internet

    • D) (OPTIONAL) Launch Excel on your computer and use it to open the file from the location you selected in the previous step