Google Console Settings

This article provides general guidance (as is with no warranty) to schools on how to allow a Schooltool server to relay mail through the Google Mail Service. In order to be successful at doing this, both of the following must be true:

  1. Your School's Schooltool WEB Server must be allowed out through your school's firewall on PORT 25

  2. The Google Mail "Admin Console" must be used to setup the SMTP Relay Service to allow the Schooltool WEB Server to relay mail through Google Mail

Assuming that your school's firewall has been setup properly as described in step 1 above, then generally speaking the following article is the "user guide" provided by Google for configuring their "SMTP Relay Service":

**Hint: You can obtain the EXTERNAL IP Address of your school's Schooltool WEB server either by contacting the EduTech Application Support team (, or by contacting the EduTech LakeNet team by dialing 1-800-722-5797 option 1 then option 6.

The following settings (explained in more detail in the article above) are the critical settings that typically must be configured, in order to allow a Schooltool Server to route mail successfully through the Google Mail SMTP Relay Service:

  • Allowed Senders: set to "Only addresses in my domains" - this is an added security measure that prevents others from potentially compromising the connection between Schooltool and Google Mail and using it for negative purposes.

  • Authentication: set to "Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses" and then enter the EXTERNAL IP Address of the Schooltool WEB SERVER

**IMPORTANT: The settings above are NOT all inclusive. Be sure to meticulously read through the entire Google Mail article linked to above being sure to complete ALL of the steps in the article. The settings bulleted above are meant to be used a GUIDE, and not meant to be an explicit set of instructions. They are provided AS IS and with no Warranty.