Changing the Default Report Viewer

You can use the following steps to specify the default format for reports in Schooltool to be rendered for ALL users (i.e. in PDF, in the Reports Viewer). 

To change the default format in which reports in Schooltool are rendered:

  1. Click Maintenance > District > District Options
  2. Change the "Preferred Report Viewer" option using the following as a guide:
    • Auto-Detect: Choose this option to force reports to render using the Schooltool Report Viewer when possible, but if for whatever reason the user???s browser does not have the ability to auto-install the schooltool print control that the viewer needs, reports will be instead be rendered in the PDF format.
    • PDF: Reports will always render as PDF (users may print reports by using the standard Print menu directly from the PDF reader).
    • Report Viewer (default value): Reports will always render in the Schooltool Report Viewer - depending on a users browser settings, some users may need to convert reports to PDF before printing.
  3. Click the "Save" icon in the upper right hand side of the screen to immediately change the setting for all users.