Schooltool Active Directory Sync

A custom package can be installed upon request by EduTech on your school's Schooltool Database Server that has the ability to query your school's Active Directory system (one way), and as matches are made between the two systems the following will automatically occur for students and/or staff in Schooltool:

  • The Email Address that appears in each individual's Schooltool "person record", will be populated with the email address for that individual as it is listed in their matching Active Directory record, or will be updated to match the email address on file for that person in Active Directory if it's not the same.
  • A NETWORK User Account for each individual in Schooltool will be created and "associated" to Active Directory, which matches the username for that individual as it is listed in their matching Active Directory record, or should the individual already have a NETWORK user account in Schooltool, their username will be updated so that it matches their username in Active Directory.

Additionally, as accounts in Active Directory are disabled (e.g. a student or staff member leaves the school), the users account in Schooltool is automatically deleted making doubly sure that individuals whom are not an active participant in your school aren't able to login to Schooltool.  However, should you prefer to leave user accounts active in your Active Directory for a period of time after a student or staff member leaves the school, you can do so without worrying that their account in Schooltool will be deleted.

By way of this design, when the Schooltool Active Directory Sync is enabled, your school's Active Directory becomes the BOSS of Email Address and User Account data in Schooltool.

Things You Should Know Before You Begin:

  1. The Schooltool Active Directory Sync DOES NOT modify your school's Active Directory in any way (in fact it can't), making this utility completely safe to implement.  The sync's primary purpose then is to simply save school's time (a "labor saver"), by automatically updating student and/or staff records with email addresses, and creating accounts for users in Schooltool with as little effort and error as possible.
  2. In order to implement the sync you must first populate the "Employee ID" field in Active Directory records, with an identifier for that individual that also appears in Schooltool (the ID's you place in both systems for each individual must match).  The following explains how to populate this field:

    • Students:  Populate the "Employee ID" field in each student's Active Directory record, with the student's "Student ID" from Schooltool which appears to the top right of each student's record.
      Student ID Call Out

    • Staff/Employees:  Populate the "Employee ID" field in each staff member's Active Directory record, with the "Employee ID" that they are assigned by your school's HR system (i.e. nVision, Finance Manager, WinCap)
      Faclty ID Call Out

      **Hint:  In order for the sync to also work for staff records, this number also MUST appear in each staff member's Faculty Record in Schooltool in the "Faculty ID" field as illustrated above.  Failure to make the "Faculty ID" that is on file for an individual in Schooltool, match the "Employee ID" that comes from your school's HR system, will prevent the sync from updating staff records in Schooltool automatically.
  3. EduTech will not assist you with populating the "Employee ID" field in Active Directory Accounts in your school's Active Directory, however many schools use popular Active Directory tools that make this process simple.

    If you don't have an Active Directory utility that will allow you to do this easily, the following article provides at least one way in which someone with Advanced Technical Skill can update the "Employee ID" field in Active Directory:  ActiveDirectory_PopulateEmployeeID.pdf

  4. In order for the sync to continue to function every day and each school year, you must update your process for creating Active Directory accounts for the school, so that the "Employee ID" field is always being populated with an identifier for that individual that also appears in Schooltool as described previously.  The utility uses the "Employee ID" field in Active Directory exclusively in order to do it's matching, which is the "magic" that saves you time.


What School's Often Ask Next is...


  • Is there a way to automatically create Active Directory Accounts as students are enrolled in Schooltool?
    • The utility that's described above is designed to work only ONE way (FROM:  Active Directory => TO: Schooltool).  It does NOT have the ability to pass data from Schooltool back to your school's Active Directory, therefore it doesn't actually have the ability to create active directory accounts for you.

      However, different vendors actually have utilities that can be configured to automatically CREATE Active Directory Accounts for your school as students are enrolled at the school, which come at cost.  Many schools are currently using utilities like this which EduTech typically assists with in terms of connecting the utility to Schooltool, so that you get exactly the results you desire when the utility creates new accounts in your Active Directory.

      The following are a list of the two most popular utilities currently in use within our EduTech Support Region:

If you're interested in either of the products above, feel free to either submit a request to your school's EduTech Project Coordinator, or send an email to for more information.