Performing a Primary Lock

By performing a "Primary Lock" on a master schedule, the batch master scheduling tools become purposely disabled, and course schedules are made visible to students and staff, assuming no separate schedule publish dates have been set under Maintenance>Scheduling>Yearly Building School Level Options (click here for more information on schedule publish dates).

  • When can I do it? After the Master Schedule is built, all rooms and teacher assignments have been completed, and the majority of students have been loaded into their schedules either manually or through the Student Schedule Builder.

  • Is it safe to do? Yes because even after a "first lock" counselors can still work on last-minute scheduling changes by using the Counseling module. Additionally, study-hall overlays can still be performed, to fill in any empty periods in student schedules with Study Halls.

To perform a first lock:

  1. Login to Schooltool if you aren't already

  2. Click Scheduling>Master Schedule

  3. Click the name of the building that contains the schedule you wish to lock (and a school level and year if prompted) - the "Main" tab for the master schedule of that building appears displaying 4-5 tabs depending on your permissions (Main, Master Schedule Builder, Student Schedule, Reports and Backups)


    If when you get to this step, there are three tabs appearing like what's illustrated in step #5 below STOP - the schedule is already First Locked!! Otherwise, continue to the next step.

  4. Click once on the button labeled "Lock" as illustrated above - the following warning appears:

  5. Read the warning that appears carefully that appears, and then click OK to complete the process (or cancel to discontinue the process) - notice now if you clicked OK, how only the following three tabs appear:

Now that the schedule is locked (just 3 tabs appear), you will notice many of the scheduling tools have been disabled making it so that you can no longer:

  • Create a new Master Schedule from scratch (i.e. the Add button on the Main tab is gone)

  • Import a Master Schedule (i.e. the Import button and drop-down list are gone)

  • Use the Master Schedule Builder to manipulate Constraints or build sections (i.e. the MSB tab is gone)

  • Create Backups of the Master Schedule (i.e. the Save Copy button and Backups tab are gone)

  • Manipulate Student Schedule Builder Constraints and Priorities (i.e. all SSB options except for Run are hidden).

  • Manually schedule students, batch edit schedules or override manual schedules through the Student Schedule Builder.