Performing a Final Lock

By performing a "Final Lock" on the master schedule for a given building, all of the Student Schedule Builder tools (including the study hall overlay) are purposely disabled, making the Master Schedule considered final.

  • When can I do it? Although this is truly an optional step, it can be done once counselors are done resolving individual student conflicts, and after study halls have been placed, and when the schedule for a given building is considered completely final. Read the "Is it safe" bullet below before proceeding.

  • Is it safe to do? It is safe to do, but keep in mind that some schools will benefit from not performing a second lock, especially if study halls need to change from marking period to marking period.

  • Do I have to do it? It is not required that you perform a final lock of the Master Schedule. Leaving the Master Schedule first locked, will allow a guidance to perform updates on study halls using the study hall overlay feature, as marking periods or semesters progress, thus giving your school greater flexibility in editing student schedules.

    **Note: Counselors are always able to manually schedule and reschedule students regardless of the lock status of a given buildings schedule.

To perform a final lock:

  1. Login to Schooltool if you aren't already

  2. Click Scheduling>Master Schedule

  3. Click the name of the building that contains the schedule you wish to lock (and a school level and year if prompted) - the "Main" tab for the master schedule of that building appears displaying 3 tabs (Main, Student Schedule and Reports)


    If when you get to this step, there are more than 3 tabs appearing STOP - the schedule is has not been First Locked!! Otherwise, it's safe continue to the next step.

  4. Click once on the button labeled "Lock" as illustrated above - the following warning appears:

  5. Read the warning that appears carefully that appears, and then click OK to complete the process (or cancel to discontinue the process) - notice now if you clicked OK, how only two tabs appear now (Main and Reports):