Summer School Setup


You can use Alternate Enrollments in your Schooltool program to track your students summer school schedule, grades, attendance, etc. If you have students attend your Summer School program from other districts, let us know and we will help you set that up.

  1. Maintenance > District > School Level: Add a Summer School school level.

  2. Maintenance > Census > BEDS provider: Add a provider with BEDS Provider Code is 000000000.

  3. Maintenance > District > Building > Select your building(s) > School Level Maintenance: Add the Summer School school level. Check the appropriate grade levels and select your SS provider. Check the boxes for Exclude from Day Calendar, Exclude Alternate Enrollments from School Entry Exit and Exclude from Student Daily Attendance.

  4. Maintenance > School Year > Next School Year > Configuration: Select your Building and the Summer School school level. Add the Semester and Marking Period dates.

  5. Maintenance > School Year > Next School Year > Cycle Day Scheme Assignment: Select the Summer School scheme. Hint: None = Monday-Friday scheme. You can also use None for a Monday-Thursday scheme and omit Fridays on the calendar.

  6. Faculty: Add access to the Summer School School Level for appropriate staff.

  7. Scheduling > Period Maintenance > Building > Summer School school Level > Next School Year: Add period(s).

  8. Scheduling > Course Catalog: Add Summer School Courses.

  9. Scheduling > Master Schedule > Building > Summer School school level: Add Sections. Uncheck box for Export next to teacher name.

  10. Scheduling > Master Schedule> Building > Summer School school Level: Lock Master Schedule .

  11. Maintenance > Attendance > Daily Attendance Setup > Select your building(s) > Summer School school Level > Next School Year: Under Alternate Enrollment, check box for Allow Building School Level Daily Attendance.

  12. Maintenance > Grading > GB Setup > select your building(s) > Summer School school Level > Next School Year: Add setup. (see example below)

  13. Maintenance > Grading > BSLO > Select your building(s) > Summer School school Level: Setup General and RC options. Add Grading Details, MP Vert Avg Calc and Horiz Avg Calc.

  14. (optional) Maintenance > Application > Report Format > Schedule: Add format for Summer School.

  15. Counseling > Counseling Search > Select next school year > click Green plus > Select the Building/Summer School. Edit period and select course section. Click Green plus. Click Save.

  16. Students attending summer school who are also moving up to a new building in September need a projected enrollment into the new building.