Adding "Other" Program Services

This article provides you with the steps that can be followed in Schooltool to add records for students to the "Student" tab of their person record, which are used to indicate and track students that are receiving a service from the school (or another entity), which falls outside the built-in services that Schooltool already has available and can specially track.

**IMPORTANT: "Other Program Services" do not include things like IEP's, 504's or students in AIS, because these programs can be tracked in Schooltool using features that were designed specifically for these programs. "Other Program Services" are those that fall outside of these main programs.

There is no real limit to the number of "Other Program Services" that can be setup in Schooltool and later assigned to student records, which allows schools to track any type of service they provide to students, weather it be one that is specific to a government program, or just something that the school would like to be able to keep track of (e.g. my school needs to keep track of the number of students in our local "Free Erasers" Program sponsored by the Lions Club).

Adding Other Program Services:

  1. Log into Schooltool if you haven't already

  2. Navigate to the "Census" module

  3. Use the "Search" feature to locate the student you wish to add the "Other" program service record to

  4. Open their record like you would any other student in Schooltool

  5. Click the "Student" tab that appears in the lower set of tabs on the screen as illustrated below:

  6. Use the field that appears just below "Details" to select "Other" from the list of choices as illustrated above - the screen will refresh and look something like the following:

  7. Click the "Add" () button that appears to the right of the screen as illustrated above - the screen will refresh again and look something like the following:

  8. Use the "Other Program" field to select the service you wish to add to the student - the screen will refresh and display a set of fields that relate to that service (i.e. Response to Intervention)

  9. Use the following as a guide, taking into account that not every field below may appear on the screen depending on the program you select:

    • Use the "Start" field to identify when the program started being offered to the student

    • Use the "End" field to identify the last date on which the student will receive the service (if applicable, otherwise leave it blank)

    • Use the "Provider" fields to identify what physical location (or building) the student specifically receives the service in, or what "entity" the service is provided by (e.g. The Lions Club)

  10. Fill out any remaining fields that might appear to the best of your ability, being sure to take into account the type of program being selected

  11. Click the "Update" button () to save your changes and to add the program to the students record - after doing so the "Student" tab will display a summary of information regarding that service (see example below):

    **Hint: If the "other program service" you added, has been properly added to the Maintenance>District>Needs module in Schooltool, it will cause the "Needs" icon to appear under the student's picture only after you close and reopen their record as illustrated below:

  12. Repeat the steps 7 through 11 as many times as desired.