Custom Alerts

Schooltool allows schools to create "Custom Alerts" that function as visual queues in the system to alert viewers to an important detail related to a specific student, which after being added, appear just below the students photo on their student record as illustrated below:

The following steps assist you with assigning (or unassigning) a custom alert to student records, assuming that the Custom Alert itself has already been created in Schooltool.

  1. Click Maintenance>Custom Alerts - a list of the existing custom alerts that have been setup will appear

    Custom Alerts Image

  2. Click the "Edit Membership" button (People Button ) that appears in the column just to the right of the name of the alert - the screen will switch into "edit" mode as illustrated below, which may or may not display a list of students whom already have the alert you're working with

    Custom Alert Edit Mode

  3. Click the "Add Members" button () that appears to the left of the name of the alert - the screen switches to the "Add Members" mode as illustrated below

    Custom Alerts - Add Members Mode

  4. Use the "Advanced Search" fields that appear like you normally would, to locate the students whom you wish to give the custom alert to (e.g. you would use the "Add Search Criteria" field to select the "Enrollment" search term, to find all students in 6th grade)

    Example Only:

  5. Click the "Search" button - a list of students will appear each with a check box to the left of their name as illustrated below

    Sample Students

  6. Uncheck any the students that appear in the list whom you DO NOT wish to give the Custom Alert to, in order to deselect them

  7. Once you've made sure that only the student's whom you wish to give the Custom Alert to are checked, click the "Continue" button that appears just above the list of students:

    After performing this step, the screen will change back to the initial "Edit Mode" this time displaying the name(s) of the students you added in this step, plus the names of any other students that might have been previously added as illustrated below

    Name Now Appears

  8. To give more students the Custom Alert, repeat steps three through seven, but if you're done simply click the "Done" button (Done Button) that appears to the left of the title for the Custom Alert you're working with which automatically saves the changes

    **Hint: If you made a mistake or simply want to remove the Custom Alert from any students that are in the list, simply uncheck the box that appears to the left of the student(s) you wish to remove the flag from, and then click the "Update" button (Update Button) instead to save your changes