Attendance Checklist

Attendance Checklist

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Templates Affected: 
Location Marking Period; Day Calendar; Student Attendance Codes; Student Daily Attendance

NYS Aid Report: 
Pull NYS Aid Attendance Period Totals (Attendance/State Reports/NYS-Aid & hellip )

data image

Actual Session Days = total number of instructional days used in calculating Chronic Absenteeism. Should be at least 170.

Total Days = number of session days should be at least 180 and includes Regents Days, Superintendent Days, Extraordinary Condition Days, ½ Day K excused + Actual Session Days

Things to Consider:

  • Regents Days – 11 Maximum (4 Jan/6 June/1 Rating Day) – Only High School (potential MS), not Elementary
  • Superintendent Days –  State allows 4 maximum
  • Extraordinary Condition Days – NOT Snow Days and have to be state approved. 

Location Marking Period

Review Marking Period Configuration (Maintenance/School Year/Configuration)

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  • No date gaps between the end of one marking period and the beginning of the next   i.e. if MP ends on 10/15/xxxx then the new MP should start 10/16
  • Last marking period end date should reflect the last instructional day for students [all other days after the last MP end date report as Other-non instructional days unless something different is set on the Day Calendar] Regents Days will be covered on the Day Calendar.

Day Calendar:

  • Review the Day Calendar (Maintenance/School Year/Calendar)
  • Day Calendar should include Labor Day and any Superintendent Days at the start of the school year
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Regents Days

1)  If all grade levels in a particular building are attending school and attendance will be taken for these students (both those who will and will not sit for a regents), then use the following configuration:

data image
  • Chronic Absenteeism: counts as Instructional Day
  • NYS Aid Attendance Period Tables: counts this day in the session day column and not the regents column
data image

2) If all students in all grade levels are off and only students taking regents come in, then use the following configuration

data image

Chronic Absenteeism: Counts as Non Instructional Day

NYS Aid Attendance Period Tables – Don’t count as actual session days, but count in the regents days column and the total days:

data image

Day Calendar cont.:

3)   If building houses grades 7-12, 7 and 8 graders attend a normal instructional day and 9-12 is off for regents days, then use the following configuration:

data image
  • On Chronic Absenteeism, counts as an instructional day for 7/8 and non-instructional day for 9-12
  • NYS Aid Attendance Period Totals

7/8: counts as actual session day and not in Regents Day column and included in total day

data image

9-12: doesn’t count in actual session day, counts in regents column and included in total days

data image

Attendance- Absentee Reasons

Sample Template:

data image


  • Count as Absent/In/Out should ONLY be Yes for true absences In/Out records NOT Absentee reasons that you use to reflect where a student is, but is reflected as a present for Daily Attendance i.e. field trip, home tutoring
  • State Codes should only be entered if they are reportable to the NYS warehouse
  • Excused – Absent
  • Unexcused – Absent
  • Tardy – Tardy
data image

Review Discipline Suspension List for the entire year to verify Duration Column says All Day unless the time indicates only a few hours. If the time indicates a full day, there should be NO times.  Maintenance/ Export / Custom Export – Run the Custom Export called Discipline with No Assign Dates. Those need to be corrected.