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What is SchoolTool?

SchoolTool® was built to meet the unique needs of New York State 
schools. Developed by a NY-based company, Mindex, this all-in-one Student 
Management System incorporates a variety of data-driven, intuitive, and 
time-saving features for configuring and managing student data.

Features include (More features are included then shown here):

  • Full K-12 Student Management functionality with EdLaw2D secure Cloud Hosting.
  • Advanced analytics with fast, interactive, and shareable dashboards, customizable features, and built-in security.
  • Mobile app to allow contacts, students, and staff to easily view student data and get push notifications.
  • Real-time attendance tracking and historical trend insights.

Explore the latest SchoolTool product releases and news updates.

Join us monthly for our Dashboard Sessions!

Dashboards provide users with alternative ways to view data and analyze trends. Each dashboard includes a unique selection of data and corresponding presentation tools such as graphs, charts, and tables for displaying data.

These one-hour sessions will take place remotely, via Zoom. Each session will follow the same format and include:

Presenters: Renee Greenly and Tina Pagano

  • An introduction of the specific dashboard
  • Breakdowns of charts and custom filters
  • Scenarios for participants to practice using dashboard features
  • Discussion and Q & A for going deeper with the dashboard
Attendance & Early Warning (September 14)
3-8 Assessments (October 12)
Student View (November 9)
Discipline (December 14)
Course Attendance (January 11)
Comparative(February 8)
Course Scores (March 14)
Demographics (April 11)
Graduation Rate (May 9)

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