What is SchoolTool?

SchoolTool is a comprehensive real-time,  web-based K-12 student management system (SMS) supported by a dedicated team. SchoolTool enables districts to integrate multiple roles into a single interface providing users the functionality when and how they need it.  SchoolTool is developed specifically for NYS Schools and is the FIRST student management system to get NYSED Basic Certification for ALL NYSED Extracts, including BOCES Certifications!

Join us monthly for our Dashboard Sessions!

Dashboards provide users with alternative ways to view data and analyze trends. Each dashboard includes a unique selection of data and corresponding presentation tools such as graphs, charts, and tables for displaying data.

These one-hour sessions will take place remotely, via Zoom. Each session will follow the same format and include:

Presenters: Toby Gardner and Renee Greenly

  • An introduction of the specific dashboard
  • Breakdowns of charts and custom filters
  • Scenarios for participants to practice using dashboard features
  • Discussion and Q & A for going deeper with the dashboard

Dashboard Overview

The other training is the Dashboard Overview trainings that are scheduled four times a year. This is a high-level look at dashboards. How to navigate, add filters, export data charts and a general look at how data can be displayed. Sessions will be 90 minutes. See the Training Section to register for that.

Need Help?

The Help Docs and Videos sections require a Page Passkey Contact us for the passcode and other questions.

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