Intro to the Instruction Module

This article provides teachers with links to training content that can be used to prepare for using the Infinite Campus Instruction Module. You can either pick and choose which topics you want to review, or go through them all in order.

When you have completed an item, you can close it just like you would any other web page, which should return you to this list to review more content. Pay extra attention to any text below that might be highlighted in yellow.

Teacher Learning Plan

Order Module Link What you can expect to learn...
1 First Things First
What you might need to do to your computer before you can use the Infinite Campus Instruction Module

2 How's it Look? Get a quick overview of how the Instruction Module looks.

3 Switching Calendars using the App Switcher **IMPORTANT: You should make every effort to familiarize yourself with this feature before using Infinite Campus

4 Taking Attendance Find out how to take Attendance

5 Viewing Rosters Find out how to view the Roster of students in your classes

6 Grade Book First Look Get a high level overview of what the grade book looks like

7 Grade Book Setup **IMPORTANT: Learn the proper way to setup a grade book for the first time. View the video on setting up the grade book here =>

8 Managing Assignments Learn How to Create, Copy and Flag Assignments

9 Submitting Grades Learn How to Submit Grades

10 Configuring Account Settings Lear how to enable and disable features like "Show Inactive Students" and Use "Canned Comments"

11 Read the FAQ's Read through questions and concerns others have had.