Grade Advancing Students

Be careful when using the steps that follow as the ability to delete a mistake is limited!!

  1. Print the Student Information>Reports>Enrollment Summary Report for ALL of the buildings being sure to set the following report option exactly as shown:

  2. Click System Administration>Student>Enrollment Roll Forward

  3. Click the CURRENT School Year Calendar from the “Select Source Calendars” list to highlight it

  4. Using the “Enrollment Summary Report” you recently printed, to identify grade levels offered in the building you selected in the previous step

  5. Using the “Select Source Grades” area, check the boxes that relate to grades you identified in the previous step being sure to EXCLUDE 12th Grade when working on the High School Level

    **Also Note:
    • When grade advancing students in middle or elementary schools, DO NOT check the highest grade levels offered in these buildings, as they will have already been advanced when the school level above it was previously advanced (e.g. High School).

    • Grade levels representing Pre-School or Pre-K should not be selected as part of this process, as not every single PS or PK student will actually get advanced into K for example each year. Students in these grade levels must always be manually advanced.

  6. Under “Source Service Type” check only Primary

  7. Under “Select Source Structure” what is likely the only value (e.g. Default, or Main)

  8. Set the “Select Start Status” field as shown below – all students that are grade advanced using this procedure, will have this as their state enrollment code for NEXT school year:

  9. Set the “Select Destination Calendar” field to display the calendar for NEXT school year

  10. Set the “Select Destination Structure” to match the value you chose in step #J7 previously

  11. Set the “Start Date Override” field, to a date that represents July 1 of the year the school year starts within

  12. Check the remaining checkboxes EXACTLY as shown below:

  13. <-- Click the “Run Test” button – a report similar to the following will appear:

  14. As illustrated above, use the report you printed in step #1, to compare the totals for each grade level, to the totals displayed on the test report generated in the previous step – then perform 1 of the following steps:

    • If the totals do NOT match on BOTH reports, STOP and retrace your steps!

    • If the totals match on BOTH reports, click the RUN button

  15. Repeat the steps in this section until you have grade advanced all of the students in all of the buildings (schools) in the district that require it