Creating a New Calendar from Scratch

Be careful when using the steps that follow as the ability to delete a mistake is limited!!

  1. Click System Administration>Calendar>Calendar Wizard

  2. Mark "Create new blank Calendars"

  3. Click Next

  4. Confirm that the “Year” field displays the NEW school year (e.g. the one you verified exists in step #3)

  5. Leave the “Name Template” field set to the default as shown below, unless there are two schedules that must be created within the same building (e.g. within the Lincoln Building, both a MS and a special MS-AIS schedule is run)

  6. In the “Start Date” field, enter a date that represents July 1 of the year the school year starts within

  7. In the “End Date” field, enter a date that represents June 30 of the year the school year ends within
  8. Single click the Building that you wish to create a new calendar for using the “Select Schools” field:

  9. <-- Click “Run Wizard” – you can confirm if there were any errors, by reviewing the contents of the “Progress” field that appears next; the process is complete when you see “Complete” appear in this field.

  10. Refresh your browser window (for Internet Explorer users just press F5 on the keyboard) - this should now make the new calendar visible to you in the "School" field at the top left of the screen

  11. Repeat the steps in this article until you have created a new calendar for all of the buildings (schools) at the district that need it