Copying Report Cards and Transcripts Into a New Calendar

Be careful when using the steps that follow as the ability to delete a mistake is limited!!

  1. Use the “Year” field to switch back to the CURRENT school year if it isn’t set to this already

  2. Click System Administration>Preferences>Reports Roll Forward

  3. Confirm that the “School” field to the right of the “Year” field displays the desired Building and if not change it

  4. While holding down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard, click all of the reports appearing in the “Select Source Reports” field to highlight them

  5. Use the “Select a Target Calendar” field to choose the calendar for NEXT SCHOOL YEAR

  6. <-- Click Run – you can verify the success of this operation by reviewing the detail on the screen that appears next.

  7. Repeat the steps in this section until you have copied all of the Report Cards and Transcripts into the New School Year Calendar for all of the buildings (schools) in the district that still require it.