Infinite Campus Application Program Interface (API) Basics

When setup by EduTech, the

Infinite Campus' built-in Application Programming Interface (API), can be used by vendors to securely connect to data that resides in Infinite Campus for the purposes of sharing data in Schooltool with that vendor.

If your school uses an application that is "API Capable" and you wish to connect it to Infinite Campus, you should submit the following form to engage EduTech and to get the process started of connecting Infinite Campus to that application via API:

The following information pertains to the rules that the Infinite Campus API uses to "reveal" data to systems that are connected to it.  Currently, you will find that the information below is incomplete, because the vendor for Infinite Campus has not yet actually released a comprehensive list of the rules that relate to how each data element in Infinite Campus is revealed by the API.

Data Element Rules
Student Records
  • Records for students will not be revealed unless the student has an active user account in Infinite Campus
Staff Records
  • Records for staff will not be revealed unless the staff member has an active user account in Infinite Campus
Contact Records
  • Records for student contacts will not be revealed unless:

    1. The contact has an active user account in Infinite Campus - if a specific person has been issued multiple Users Accounts to login to Infinite Campus with, then only the first active account that was created will be selected based on the accounts "Home Page" setting.
    2. The contact's "person" record has data in ALL of the following fields:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Other Phone Number
      • Primary Email Address
        Person Contact Info

    3. The contact's "relationship" to a given student is configured as "Guardian" under the System Administration>Census>Relationship Type module
      Guardian Relationships

The information above was created as a simplified version of the following: