Standards Based Report Cards

About standards based (elementary) report cards:

The design of Infinite Campus makes it so that each "behavior" that you see in the sample report card above (i.e. "Completes Homework", "Completes Class Assignments"), must be graded using the same scale that is set for the section heading that it appears under (i.e. Learning Behaviors).

You cannot for example, have 4 out of 6 of the behaviors in a single given section use one grading scale (i.e. Effort and Learning), while have the remaining two in that same section use another (i.e. Achievement Scale).
If situations exist where you can't have every "behavior" that is grouped within a section, graded the exact same way by teachers (e.g. all using the Effort and Learning scale), you will actually need to do one of the following:
  • Move the behavior(s) to a different section that exists on the report card already, where the grading scale for that section, matches the scale you wish to set for the behavior.

  • Create a NEW section on the report card with a new name and associate that section the desired grading scale, then associate the behaviors needing to be graded differently to that new section
For Example:
School A has a behavior titled "Receives reading services" currently listed under a section called "READING". Teachers would most likely "grade" this behavior with a "YES" or a "NO", while the behaviors above it in the same section (i.e. "Reads aloud fluently"), would likely be graded by teachers using a different scale like "Satisfactory" or "Not Satisfactory".

Therefore, if this school wishes to have the "Receives reading services" behavior and the "Reads aloud fluently" behavior "graded" differently using different scales, they must be move one or the other into a section on the report card all their own, or simply omit one of the behaviors from the report card all together.