Associating Standards to Report Cards

The process detailed in this article, allows you to associate standards that have been setup for a school (building), so that grades submitted by teachers for those standards can be printed on student report cards.

**Note: Only users with the appropriate administrative rights (i.e. your schools Infinite Campus administrator) can perform the following steps.

Failure to complete the steps in this article correctly as changes are made to class standards, will result in one or many standards being omitted from the report card when it is printed.

  1. Click System Administration>Preferences>Reports - on the right hand side the "Reports Editor" table appears

  2. On the right, single click the name of the report card that you wish to associate Standards to - a form will appear below displaying configuration details about the report card
  3. Locate and scroll through the "Grading Tasks" field - tasks related to specific report cards are separated by dashes (-----) as illustrated below

    **Hint: In the example above, the standards that apply to the 5th grade report card appear BELOW the highlighted line. Items that appear above are either related to another report card, or to grading that occurs in other buildings like the Middle and High Schools.

  4. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and use the mouse to click a standard, continue holding the CTRL key and then repeat the process to click the next standard in the list - as you do so note how the standards become highlighted (selected) as illustrated below

    **Hint: Don't forget to use the scroll bar to the right to view more items in the list, as your school likely has setup many standards to be graded for students depending on the grade level.

  5. Repeat step 4 until you have highlighted all of the standards you would like to associate to the report card

    **Hint: Advanced users will find it handy to hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard, and single click the FIRST item in the list to highlight it, then while continuing to hold the CTRL key, use the mouse to scroll and locate the LAST item in the list pertaining to the grade level you are working with. Doing this and then clicking the last item, will actually highlight every item in-between the first item and the last item selected, which saves time.

  6. <= Click the "Save" button to save your changes

  7. Depending on how the report cards were created for your school, repeat the steps in this article for any other report cards applicable to the grade level you are working with, that might have specific terms listed in their name (each must be set independently)