Posting Final Course Grades to Transcripts

The following steps can be used to post final course grades to student transcripts.  The steps can be performed as many times as needed, until all final grades have been posted to student transcripts.

**IMPORTANT:  When using the steps that follow, you will NOT ever be able to overwrite any final grades for courses that have previously been posted to the student's transcript, or otherwise already exist on the student's transcript tab (e.g. were manually entered by hand).

For Example:  Mark Smith's Science Teacher (Mr Clark) entered a final grade for his Science course on Friday - your school's deadline for final grades is Monday.  On Monday morning, you perform the steps below to post final grades to student transcripts.

Later that day, Mr Clark realizes that he made a mistake in the calculation of Mark Smith's final course grade.  Mr Clark then updates his grade book, and because the "Final Grade" grading task is still active (the grading window is still open), he then re-posts Mark's new final course grade to the "Final Grade" grading task.

Mr Clark then tells you what he has done, and you then just re-run the "Transcript Post" feature again.  When you check Mark Smith's transcript - you discover that the new final course grade Mr Clark gave him, does not appear on the transcript. 

Why?  Read this article for more information:


Pre-Post Grades Check

In some situations, final course grades may just be missing, but in other situations, the final grade for a student may have been calculated and submitted by teachers, but the grade is not actually correct (e.g. the grade does not include credit for missing assignments).

For these reasons, it is VERY important before using the "Transcript Post" feature, that you verify the grades that are available for posting or are missing.  The steps in the following articles can be used to verify grades before running the "Transcript Post" feature:



 Using the "Transcript Post" feature:


  1. After completing the "Post Grades Check" detailed above, login to Infinite Campus as usual
  2. Click System Administration>Student Portfolio>Transcript Post
    Transcript Post

  3. Use the "Select Calendars" area to highlight just the calendars (buildings) at your school which are being used to actively record student grades - be sure to select only buildings that are identified with the current school year (e.g. 18-19)
    Select Calendars Field

    **Hint:  Most schools will only post final course grades recorded at the High School (HS) transcripts.  If your school posts final course grades for grades offered at the Middle School (MS) to student transcripts, be sure to select that calendar as well from the list, by holding down the "CTRL" key on the keyboard, and then by clicking your mouse on that additional calendar - more than one should then be highlighted in the list.

  4. Use the "Select Credit Groups" field to select the credit areas to post to transcripts - do so by holding down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard, and single clicking ONLY those credit areas that should be posted to the transcript and their children.
    Credit Groups

    For Example: if you are posting final course grades for High School courses, you would highlight all of the items appearing under the "HS Credit" group area (the indented items) - the name of the groups will vary from the image above as they will have been customized to the groups your school has created (e.g. instead of HS Credit you might see "High School Credit").

  5. Use the "Select Terms" area to select the term (marking period) of which you wish to post final course grades for - do so by holding down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard, and single clicking ONLY those "terms" that have grades that should be posted to the transcript 
    Select Terms


    • By highlighting ALL of the terms for this step, you ensure that any final grade for any course in any term, is posted to the transcript.
    • Some schools choose to run a "Transcript Post" at the end of each term (marking period), while other schools may only run a "Transcript Post" once a year.  Be sure if your school posts only once a year, that you select ALL terms for this step, as failure to select all of the terms (e.g. only selecting a single term), can create a situation where the final grades will not be posted for courses that only ran for the first part of the year (e.g. in terms 1 and 2). 

  6. (IMPORTANT) Uncheck the "Post Score Comments..." checkbox
    Post Score Comments Box

  7. Use the "Grades" checkbox to check only those grade levels of which you wish to have final course grades posted to transcripts (e.g. check only those grade levels considered part of the high school)
    Select Grades

  8. Click the "Run" button below - you will receive notification similar to the following when the process is complete:
    Posted Grades Notice

  9. Click OK to the final notice to complete the "Transcript Post" process


**HELP!  I have run the "transcript post" several times already, and still the final course grade for a student(s) aren't posting to their transcript.  What could be wrong?