Finding Missing Grades using the "Grades Report"

The following steps can be used as a way to find missing grades that have not yet been submitted by teachers.

  1. Login to Infinite Campus as usual

  2. Confirm that the "Year" and "School" fields are set to the correct building and current school year

    Year and School Selectors

  3. Click Grading and Standards>Reports>Grades Report

  4. For "Which students would you like to include in the report?" mark "Grade" and be sure "All Students" is marked
    Student Selector

  5. For "Grading Terms" check only the marking period you wish to validate grades for (e.g. typically the current marking period or the one that just ended)
    Grading Terms

  6. For "Select Teachers" mark "All"
    Select Teachers

  7. For "Group By" mark the "Teacher" option
    Group By Option

  8. For the "Select...tasks" option single click the grading task that you wish to validate grades for to highlight it (e.g. highlight Final Grade to validate final course grades, click quarter grade, to validate quarter grades)
    Select Tasks

  9. Mark "Missing Grades/Scores" below and decide if the report should include students who are no longer enrolled in the course (e.g. dropped students)
    Missing Grades - Grade Report Option

  10. Click the "Generate Report" button - the report that appears next can be printed and hand delivered to teachers as a way to remind then grades are missing, which is recommended.