Assigning Courses to State Course Codes

This job-aid was created to assist schools with assigning courses offered at the school a state course code. As of the 2012-2013 school year, ALL courses offered in New York State Schools must be assigned an official NYS Course Code.

Detailed information on the NYS Course Catalog Comprehensive Workbook is available here:

To assign a Course in Infinite Campus a State Course code:

  1. Log into Infinite Campus if you haven’t already

  2. Confirm that the “School” field at the top of the screen displays the name of school you intend to work with

  3. Click the “Search” tab

  4. Change the “Search for..” operator to “Course/Section” if it is not already set to this

  5. Enter in the name of a specific course in the field below, and click the “GO” button (or just click the “Go” button to see a listing of all courses)

  6. On the left side of the screen, click the name of a course to select it – the “Course Information” for the screen will then appear on the right side of the screen

  7. Open the “NYS Course Catalog” and locate the corresponding/equivalent course name for the course using the NYS Course Catalog Comprehensive Workbook that is available on this website.

    NYS Course Catalog Comprehensive Workbook

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the sheer volume of courses in the course catalog, you may or may not find an exact match to the courses you offer at your school in the NYS Course Catalog. If you do not find an exact match, instead use a course that closely approximates the course being offered at your school, based on its definition in the catalog.

    Because there are several tabs in the course catalog, be sure to note the following:

    • For Elementary Courses: use the Prior to Secondary SCED and Prior-to-Sec. Subset tabs

    • For Middle and High School Courses: use the Secondary SCED and Secondary Subset tabs

  8. Using the NYS Course Catalog, make note of the equivalent courses “Course Code

  9. Back in Infinite Campus, enter the “Course Code” you just made note of into the “State Code” field:

  10. IF AND ONLY IF the final grade a student receives in the course, is calculated by INCLUDING the score the student receives on the state test associated to the course, add a capital letter R to the end of the state course code, otherwise skip to the next step.

  11. In Infinite Campus, click the Save button that appears just above the “State Code” field to save your changes

  12. Associate Assessments to the course using the following guide:

  13. Repeat steps 3 through 12 in this job-aid until you have entered a state course code for EVERY course offered at your school. Again, as of the 2012-2013 school year, ALL courses offered at your school must be assigned an official State Code.