Associating Assessments to Courses

The following steps assist you with the process of associating assessments to courses. The purpose in doing so, allows teachers at a minimum, to individually see and/or produce actual reports that display the actual scores students receive for:

  • State Assessments: these are assessments that teachers are not typically allowed to enter scores for (e.g. they are imported by EduTech on behalf of the school)

  • Other Assessments: these are assessments that teachers may or may not be allowed to submit scores for (e.g. teacher scored assessments), which typically consist of assessments only the local school district gives to just it's students.

Once scores have been posted to an assessment that has been associated to a course (e.g. by the office or by EduTech), the teacher can then use the "Aligned Assessments" report to view the scores as described here:

The above report can be printed and used by the teacher at any time, to make it handier when using the "Grading by Task" module for example, to enter assessment grades into the courses "Final Exam" grading task.

This action is required however, only in situations where a student receives a grade for an assessment, which should actually count towards the students final grade in the course.

To Associate an Assessment to a Course:

**Note: Assessments aligned to a course, do not yet automatically count towards the students final course grade. Manual action must still be taken by the teacher as described above, to force the assessment grade to count towards the calculation of the student's final course grade. Course Grades, and Assessment Grades are still two very separate things in Infinite Campus.

  1. Search for the course you wish to associate an assessment to just like you would any other course

  2. Click the Name of the course to select it in the search results area, so that information about the course then appears on the right hand side of the screen

  3. To the right, click the courses "Assessments" tab

  4. On the tab to the left, click the "New" button

  5. Below in the "Assessment Alignment Detail" field, use the "Test" field to select an assessment to associate to the course (you can only select one at a time) - use the following examples as a guide.


    • State Assessments - scores posted for these assessments will visible to teachers in "view only" format, and can be posted/modified only by someone with the right privileges (e.g. a member of Guidance Office team)

      **No Dates are Required when associating State Assessments

    • Teacher Scored Assessment (*) - scores for these assessments are always visible to teachers, but during the dates identified, the teacher can also post/modify the scores for the assessment. Outside of the dates, the teacher can only VIEW scores.

      **Be sure to specify a Start and End Date for the test - the dates you enter here dictate when the teacher will actually be able to submit grades for the assessment.
  6. Below, check the "Copies Forward" button if you wish to have this test associated to this course next school year as well

    **Hint: do this only if you know for certain that next school year this exact same test will be given to students in this exact same course.

  7. Above, click the "Save" button to associate the test to the course

  8. Repeat the steps in this section as many times as needed to associate as many tests as desired to a single course

    Example of multiple assessments assigned to a course:

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  • How can I configure an assessment to be "Teacher Scored" so that my teachers can submit grades for that assessment themselves?

    • The following article provides assistance with marking an Assessment as "Teacher Scored":

      In doing so, you can save your office staff potentially hours of work manually posting grades for these types of assessments to the student's transcript tab.
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