Adding Universal Pre-K Flags

This article describes the steps that are required to flag students enrolled in a Universal Pre-K Program. The students must already be enrolled in Infinite Campus before you add flags to the students "Flags" tab. More information on enrolling these students if needed, is available in this article:

  1. If you don't already have the student record open, use the following steps to search for and open the student record for the student you need to flag

    • A) Using the Navigator on the left, click Student Information>General

    • B) Above, click the "Search" tab

    • C) Change the "Search" criteria to "All People"

    • D) Search for the child you will flag just like you would any other person - the child's record will appear on the right

  2. <-- Click the students "Flags" tab on the right

  3. Click the "New" button - the "Student Flag Detail" screen appears

  4. Use the "Flags" field and the following information, to select an appropriate Pre-K Flag - depending on the situation, you may need to repeat the steps in this section more than once, in order to add multiple flags when indicated.

    If the Program is:
    Hosted at Your School and Funded By Just Your School
    Hosted at Your School but Funded by Federal Dollars


    Federally Funded but Hosted by a Community Based Organization (CBO)


    ONE of the following indicating what type of CBO is providing the service

    • Enter the Start Date the student started participating in the program using the "Start Date" field.

    • **IMPORTANT: Enter the End Date as the last day of the school year using the "End Date" field

    • Click the "Save" button - repeat the steps if needed depending on the situation.