Tracking Students Receiving Instruction from Another Provider

This article explains the steps required to enroll district students (those residing at an address within your school district) who are receiving instruction either primarily or partially, from another provider (i.e. BOCES, The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming, or any other entity which is not directly managed by your school).

This article applies specifically to children who are not currently being referred to or evaluated by the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) for purposes of determining if the child has a disability.

**IMPORTANT: If the child you wish to enroll is currently being referred to or evaluated by the CPSE, or if the child has recently been determined as eligible for special education services, you should follow the instructions in this article instead: 

The steps below assume you are familiar with navigating to the Enrollment tab on the students record and with creating enrollments in general.

  1. Using the Navigator on the left, click Student Information>General


  2. Above, click the "Search" tab


  3. **IMPORTANT: Change the "Search" criteria to "All People"


  4. Type in the last name of the child you wish to work with into the blank field below

  5. Click the "Go" button and then select the child's name from the list on the right:

    Their person record will then appear on the right side of the screen


    If a person record does not already exist for the child, create a new one for the child just like you would for any other person.


  6. Use the Enrollments tab to add a new enrollment to the child's person record just like you would any other child, being sure to choose a Calendar which represents the building your school uses for "Out of District" students.


  7. Set the "Service Type" field to indicate if the student is receiving the instruction primarily, or only partially from the provider

    **Hint: If the child is only receiving instruction from just the one provider, and no other provider, the service type should be set to "Primary". For additional help choosing primary or partial, read this article:


  8. Set the "Start Status" field to the following:


  9. Set the "State Exclude" checkbox using the following as a guide:
    • CHECK the State Exclude Checkbox - if data for the child should NOT be reported to the state

    • UNCHECK the State Exclude Checkbox - if data for the child MUST be reported to the state

      Example: This box should NOT be checked if the child is receiving special education services, or is attending a BOCES Run program, or is attending a District Run PK or UPK program.
  10. Use the "Location Override" field to identify the Provider who is actually providing instructions/services to the student

  11. Enter values in the remaining fields of the enrollment record just like you would any other student
  12. Click the "Save" button to save your changes

    **IMPORTANT: Add the appropriate flags to the student's record for the purposes of NY state data reporting, using the following as a guide: