Schools with a Universal Pre-K Program

School's that either self-fund or have received federal funding to run a Universal Pre-K Program (i.e. grade PK or UPK), provide services to ANY students whom are not yet school aged, regardless of the type of services the student might receive through the program (e.g. is a Special Education Student or not).

By running a UPK program, school's simplify the process of enrolling students in Infinite Campus, because all non-school aged students can be enrolled just like any other student would be, with the exception of the added need to "flag" students in a UPK program as detailed in the following article:

Schools who run a UPK Program, should NOT enroll non-school aged students in Infinite Campus using any grade level other than UPK (e.g. grade PS should no longer be used), because grade PS is to be used only by schools who do not offer a UPK program, and only in special situations as described in this article:

The First Year...

The first year that a school offers a UPK program, enrollment records for students in grade PS must be ended with a end date that is the day prior to the date on which the first day the UPK program begins.

The following are examples of how to end enrollments for the various types of PS enrollments that might already exist in Infinite Campus:

  • Student is currently Receiving Special Education Services:

  • Child has been Referred to the CPSE but no determination has yet been made: