Tracking Homebound Students

"Homebound Students" are those who are unable to attend school because of a physical, mental, or emotional illness or injury, which has been substantiated by a licensed physician. However, because it is mandated by the state...students in this category must continue to receive educational services, which the school continues to have responsibility for providing.  

In most cases, home bound students are provided instruction (including testing) at home or in a hospital, by a tutor funded by the district of responsibility. 


AS OF 12/20/2013 the NY State Education Department has indicated that enrollments for students not deemed "Homebound" for the remainder/entirety of a school year (they are predicted to return to school), should NOT have their existing enrollment records modified when this situation occurs.   

Instead students who are only temporarily homebound (a few weeks or months), should have their enrollment left AS IS.  With regard to their attendance in class, they should simply be marked absent from school for the duration of this temporary situation. 



Given the latest NY State APPR Requirements, when students become homebound, they MUST NOT be un-enrolled from their courses.  

More information on APPR Reporting Requirements for homebound students is available here: