Mass Resolving Period Attendance

**IMPORTANT: The steps in this article should be followed EXACTLY as indicated. Failure to do so can result in inadvertently deleting attendance data for students which cannot be undone. This procedure can only be performed by individuals with access to the Attendance module.
  1. Log on to Infinite Campus as usual

  2. Navigate to Attendance>Attendance Wizard

  3. Set the “Attendance Date” to an appropriate date (defaults to today)

  4. Mark “Period” to set the Mode

  5. Set the fields in the “Students” area using the following as a guide:

    • a. Set the “Status/Excuse” field to Absent

    • b. Type an appropriate period into the “Period” field

      **Hint: most school periods are double digit (e.g. for period of 1, you would type 01)

    • c. Leave all other fields blank

  6. Click Search – a list of students who were marked absent in the period you selected will appear in Box B to the right

  7. Below Box B, click Select All – the list of students in Box B will be copied automatically to Box C

  8. Set the fields in the “Period” area using the following as a guide:

    • a. Make note of the Cycle Day for your school (e.g. it’s an A day)

    • b. Set the “Current Period” field to the EXACT SAME period you chose in step 5B above – being sure to select the period that matches up with the cycle day you noted in the previous step

    • c. Set the “Attendance Code” field to an appropriate value which represents the reason why the student was marked absent from class – if the reason is not known, select a value which most closely represents that fact (e.g. Unknown, or Unexcused)

      You should make an effort to know your Attendance Codes well, as there is no standard set regionally or by the state as to what codes are available, or how or when each code is to be used. When in doubt, ask a more experienced member of your team, your supervisor, or district official. Failure to use Attendance Codes properly, can affect your schools ability to maintain or increase the financial aid currently being provided by the state to your school.

    • d. Optional: Add a comment using the “Comments” field (e.g. put your initials in this field, or a more detailed description for the reason the student was marked absent) being sure not to change the “Comments Options” field (e.g. leave it as Append comments)

  9. Uncheck the “Overwrite Existing Data” checkbox

  10. Click the Save Attendance button

  11. On the left hand navigator click “Attendance Wizard” again to start over

  12. Repeat steps 3 through 11 until you have Resolved Attendance for ALL Periods ; note the following:

    • a. Each time through the procedure – be sure in step 5B, to increment the period by 1

    • b. In step 5A you can substitute in other Statuses, to resolve those types of absences as well. It is best though to do this work in groups at a time (e.g. all Absent first, then all Tardy, then all Early Release).

**Hint: There is no “Resolve All Periods” feature currently available in Infinite Campus.You can only resolve all period attendance by performing the steps in this article exactly as shown.For this reason we suggest that you don’t try to take shortcuts!