Allow Attendance Codes to be used in Behavior Resolutions

This feature, can be a huge time saver for Attendance Officers at your school

By allowing Attendance Codes to be used in Behavior Resolutions, you allow principals to easily mark a student as absent from class:

  • for the entire duration of the Resolution

  • right at the time they assign the Resolution

  • without needing to notify the Attendance Officer as a separate step

This feature is most applicable to those situations where for example, the student was assigned In-School Suspension or Out-of-School Suspension for a few periods, a few days, or even months.

To enable this feature for a Attendance Code, perform the following steps:

  1. Set the "School" field at the top of the screen to the building you wish to modify resolution types for.

    **Hint: Depending on how your school has configured it's "Attendance Codes", you may need to change the "School" field that appears at the top of the screen, in order to see the attendance codes that might have been setup for ALL of your schools.

  2. Click System Administration>Attendance>Attendance Codes

  3. On the right hand side of the screen, single click the Attendance Code you would like to make available in Behavior Resolutions to select it - a form appears to the right

  4. At the bottom of the "AttendanceExcuse Detail" screen, check the box labeled "Display code in behavior resolution"

  5. Click the SAVE button to save your changes

  6. Repeat the steps in this article as many times as desired to enable the feature on any other codes at the school

    **Hint: Be sure to use the "School" field at the top of the screen to cycle through all of your school buildings as some Attendance Codes may only be used in one building and not others.