Using the Daily Attendance Module

The steps in this article assist Attendance Officers with resolving (providing reasons for) period absences for students that have been logged by teachers.

  1. Log into Infinite Campus if you have not already

  2. On the Index tab, click Attendance>Daily Attendance - on the right hand side of the screen will appear a list of students who have been marked as absent from one or more periods

  3. In the "Daily Attendance" area, confirm that the "Date" field displays the date for which you wish to resolve attendance, and if not, change the date the desired date

  4. Below use your mouse to click the actual "Absence Code" that appears to the right of the student whom you wish to provide absence reasons for - the "Attendance Information" screen appears

  5. Review the "Comments" column and use it to determine if the "Present Minutes" column for any absences needs to be adjusted.

    **Hint: In the example above, the teacher provided notes for periods 01, HR, and 02. In order to properly enter "Present Minutes" for this student, the attendance officer must:

    • Intimately know the school's period structure and the total duration for each period
    • Know the course they are submitting attendance for based on the period selected (there is no visual indicator on this screen which would display the course that is scheduled into a given period)

    • Be able to specially calculate "Course Duration" in situations where courses span periods

      Below you see how the example above would need to be entered in order for Staff/Student Time (durations) to be calculated properly for this student on this date:

      As you can see, the teacher originally submitted their attendance with a status of "T" for Tardy (see status column), but the attendance officer instead chose an Absence Code for each period instead (I1: Illegal Absence). They also then entered a value of "38" into the "Present Minutes" column of period 02.

      Why?? This is because the teacher wants the time the student was not present in their class, to actually be removed from the duration calculations for this student.

      Tardy codes DO NOT remove time from duration calculations for students enrolled in courses (see the notes at the end of this article for more detail).

      Additionally, having intimate knowledge of this school's schedule, and the course the student it taking, the Attendance Officer knew that this course actually spanned periods 01 and 02.

      Here is the school's Period Structure:

      Given the school's period structure, and their knowledge of the course, the attendance officer can then determine that the student's tardy arrival time (8:28 AM), actually occurred 3 minutes into Period 02.

      This detail all together, then means that the student actually missed ALL of Period 01 and Period HR (zero minutes present), and was then only really in attendance for 38 minutes of Period 02.

      In this example, the attendance officer needs to treat each period as a separate event in time, and then calculate "Present Minutes" separately for each period, even though the course actually spans all of those periods.
  6. Modify the "Present Minutes" column for each period as needed - the value of 0 appearing in this column is the default (implying present all minutes), and does not need to be changed unless a student was not present in a period all minutes

  7. Modify the value appearing in the "Code" column for each period to identify the exact REASON for the absence in each period

    You should be familiar with your school's reason codes, and what each reason implies or what behavior each results in within Infinite Campus. If you are not familiar with the codes used at your school, seek the assistance of your school's Infinite Campus administrator, or data coordinator.

  8. Click the "Save" button to save your changes

    Note the following after Completing the Steps Successfully:

    • Minutes Present: the following information pertains to the way in which Infinite Campus calculates "Minutes Present" or the "Actual Student Instruction Time" as it relates to the APPR and Teacher Student Data Linkage data reported to New York State.

      • Tardy Codes (Teacher Marks the "T" column)

        For tardy codes, Infinite Campus will NOT reduce the total number of minutes the student was in attendance for a course, effectively ignoring any value that might be entered into the "Present Minutes" column with regard to calculating "minutes present" in the course and a tardy.

        If a student is indeed TARDY for a course, and in situations where the teacher wishes to have the time the student was no in class REMOVED from the students "minutes present", they should instead mark the student as ABSENT from the course, and then enter comments as usual.

        The attendance officer can then enter values in the "Present Minutes" column, and assign an "Absence Reason" which will effectively remove the time the student was not in class.

        Alternatively, when an Tardy code is submitted by a teacher, the attendance officer can enter values in the "Present Minutes" column, and then assign an "Absence Reason" (not a tardy reason). By assigning the original "Tardy" submitted by the teacher an "Absence Reason", the original Tardy the teacher submitted, is then overwritten by Attendance Officer, resulting in the desired behavior (e.g. minutes removed from the students "minutes present" in that class).

      • Absence Codes (Teacher Marks the "A" Column)

        For absence codes, infinite Campus will replace the total number of minutes the student attended a course in a given period, by the number of minutes entered into the "Present Minutes" column for that period.

        If a value of ZERO appears in this column, Infinite Campus then assumes that the student was ABSENT for the entire period, effectively adding zero minutes of attendance in the course for that student in that period.
    • Teacher Attendance: After an attendance officer completes this procedure, teachers for the student will no longer be able to update/change the period attendance for the student(s) you have "resolved attendance for" in their class

      The teacher's attendance options for that student will disappear, because the Attendance Officer has entered an absence code for the period. In this way, entering Absence Reasons for absences/tardies, makes the event "final".