Recording a Late Arrival or Early Departure

This procedure should be used in situations where a single student leaves school early or arrive late. Note that the Absence Codes used at your school will be unique, and may not be specifically illustrated in the procedure below.

  1. Search for the student as you normally would using the "Search" tab

  2. <-- Click on the students Attendance tab

  3. Click New

  4. For each period or part of a period a student was or is to be absent from, use the "Code" field to choose an Absence Code that represents the reason the student was not in attendance (e.g. E1: Excused Legal - these values are unique to each school)

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

  5. For each period you specified a code for, determine the number of minutes the student was PRESENT for the course in that period - if at all, using the following as a guide:

    • If the student was present for any part of the period - enter a value which represents the time they were present in minutes, into the "Present" column for that period

    • If the student was absent for the entire period - leave the "Present" column blank for that period

  6. (Optional) Add a Comment describing why the student is absent in the Comment field to the right of the Code you specified for the period - you will have to Copy and Paste that reason to each period as needed

    **Note: by completing this step, you are providing additional information to teachers when they view their Course Attendance screens as shown in the sample below ("Left Early")

  7. Click the Save button to save your changes