Recording a Full Day Absence

This procedure should be used when an attendance person determines that a student is absent for the day (e.g. the student never shows up to school, or a parent reports them as absent).

  1. Search for the student as you normally would using the "Search" tab

  2. <-- Click on the students Attendance tab

  3. Click New

  4. Change the "Code" field for the first period that displays next in the list to the Absence Code for your school that represents a Full Day Absence (e.g. L1: Legal Excused)

  5. (Optional) Add a Comment describing why the student is absent in the Comment field to the right of the Code you selected in the previous step

    **Note: by completing this step, you are providing additional information to teachers when they view their Course Attendance screens as shown in the sample below ("Out Sick")

  6. Click the "Fill Down" button - note now how all of the remaining periods now display the same code as what you selected in the previous step, and if you chose to enter a "Comment" it also is filled for all periods.

  7. Click Save to save your changes

    Note the following after Completing the Steps Successfully:

    • Minutes Present: Infinite Campus will automatically reduce the total number of minutes the student was in attendance for the day, by the number of minutes that elapse in each period they are marked absent from.

      This design then allows Infinite Campus to assume, that if the student is marked absent for ALL periods of the day, the student was then "Present" for ZERO minutes of the day, and therefore the student had an "All Day Absence".

    • Teacher Attendance: After an attendance officer completes this procedure, teachers for the student will no longer be able to update/change the period attendance for the student in their class (Note: only this student - not all students in their class).

      The "Absent" radio button disappears for the student, because the Attendance Officer already entered an absence code for the period.