The job aids here assist you with performing job tasks related to attendance in Infinite Campus.

About Attendance

  • With regard to period attendance, teachers should be at all times recording exactly what happened in their classroom, regardless of any potential circumstances or advanced knowledge (e.g. student is off at a doctors appointment, or on a field trip).

  • Students who do NOT attend a class they are scheduled for (i.e. one with a state assessment), should be marked as ABSENT from the class by their teacher.

  • For the purposes of financial aid, New York State considers the student as PRESENT if they at a minium “cross the threshold” at your school. Each school has the ability to interpret "crossing the threshold" as they see fit (e.g. rode the bus, walked in the front door, etc..).

  • In situations where field trips occur, the student may be considered as PRESENT ALL DAY, when calculating the schools ADA/ADM (Average Daily Attendance/Average Daily Minutes).