RP.1933- Aug 2019


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • New York Immunization Updates (SIS-127367)

    The following vaccines' immunization compliance rules have been updated for New York:

    • Varicella
    • Meningococcal (MCV4)
    • Pneumococcal
    • Polio
    • Hepatitis B

      Article(s): New York Immunization Rules

      Path: System Administration > Health > Vaccines

  • Section Roster Report (SIS-126569) [Enhancement] 

    The Section Rosters Report has been updated with new options and additional information in the print version. It can also now be generated in PDF or DOCX formats. See the article below for information on selecting these options and generating the report.

    Article(s): Section Roster Report

    Path: Scheduling > Reports > Section Rosters

  • Walk-In Scheduler Updates (SIS-126723) [Enhancement] 

    The following modifications have been made to Student Schedule and Walk-In Scheduler:

    • The total count of students scheduled into a course section was displaying incorrectly in situations where a student begins a course section at a future date. This has been corrected.
    • When a course already exists on a student's transcript and that same course exists in the list of Courses Requests or is searched for and attempted to be placed on the schedule, a warning message displays indicating it already exists on the student's transcript. In order for this message to display, the Course Number must exist on the Transcript and the Course must not be marked as Repeatable.
    • When restoring an entire schedule, only the most recently ended course sections are restored. If a course was ended in January and another course was ended yesterday, only the course ended yesterday is restored.
    • When loading courses to a student's schedule, the Load Rosters modal now includes a Start Date.
    • In the Requests Panel, requested courses are now listed by Course Number, then by the type of request (Required, Elected, Alternate). Alternate courses are listed in Request ID order, meaning the course that is first added as an alternate is listed first.
    • When searching for courses, the entered date remains after adding a course. If an additional course is searched for and added to the schedule, that same date applies to the additional course.
    • When adding a course in a future term, the Effective Date field is blank. When adding a course in the current term, the Effective Date field defaults to the current date.

      Article(s): Walk-In Scheduler (Counseling); Walk-In Scheduler

      Path: Student Information > General, Counseling > Walk-In Scheduler

Teacher Updates

  • No updates in this release pertain directly to teachers.

Other Changes

  • Campus Student & Campus Parent Updates (SIS-127525) [Enhancement] 

    The Grades tool in Campus Student and Campus Parent has been updated to allow users to view all terms in one screen. A settings dropdown in the top right corner provides options to hide dropped courses and rows without grades or assignments and to expand or collapse all grades.

    Additional bug fixes and small improvements have also been made.

    Article(s): Campus Student & Campus Parent

    Path: Campus Student & Campus Parent

  • Health Office Calendar Print Update (SIS-127617) [Enhancement] 

    A Print button has been added to the Health Office Calendar to print all appointments or visits on the date selected. Print options include: PDF or DOCX.

    Article(s): Health Office Calendar

    Path: Health > Health Office Calendar

  • Duplicate Calendar Names (SIS-96446)

    Calendar Names must now be unique within a school year. Logic has been updated within the Calendar Attributes tab and Calendar Wizard to prevent duplication of the calendar name.

    Calendar Wizard: Before creating a calendar, logic verifies a calendar does not already exist with that name. If that name does not exist, the calendar is created utilizing the specified name label template (e.g., 2018-19 Community Education Co). If that name does exist, the template is modified slightly to a 28 character label with an appended space and numbered 1-9 (e.g., 2018-19 Community Education 1).

    Calendar Attributes: When modifying the name of an existing calendar, logic verifies that the name does not already exist. If it does, an error message displays indicating the calendar name must be unique.

    Article(s): Calendar Wizard

    Path: System Administration > Calendar > Calendar Wizard

  • Password Field on Create User Page Updated to Be Masked and Verify Password Field Added (SIS-98921)

    The Password field found on the Create a New User editor has been updated to mask characters being entered into the field and a Verify Password field has been added, requiring people reenter their new user account password in an effort to prevent typos.

    Article(s): User Account

    Path Search > Users > Select a Person > Create a New User

  • Automated Security Tools Updated to Allow Automatic Generation of Username from Email Address (SIS-127071) [Enhancement] 

    The Account Security Preferences and User Account Batch Wizard tools have been updated to allow for usernames of automatically generated accounts to be the user’s email address minus the domain.

    Note: If an account is created with this preference set and the username is already in use, the account will not be created and an error will be noted in the User Account Automation Log

    Article(s): Account Security Preferences; User Account Batch Wizard

    Path: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > User Account Batch Wizard, Account Security Preferences


  • OneRoster - 1.1 CSV Updates (SIS-128191)

    The CSV extract for OneRoster has been updated so that the Type column generates values of 'school' or 'district' for the 1.1 version of the specification instead of 1.0 values of 'school' or 'local.'

    Article(s): OneRoster CSV Extract Configuration

    Path: System Administration > Data Utilities > Data Extract Utility > Data Extract Utility Set Up

  • Student Bus Assignment Report (SIS-128212)

    Formatting of bus badges in DOCX format generates with six badges per page, like the PDF format. Photos print the entire image.

    Article(s):Student Bus Assignment

    Path:System Administration > Transportation > Reports > Student Bus Assignment

New York State Data Warehouse

  • No changes affecting NYS Reporting were in this release.

New Panel

  • SIRS Staff Student Course Update (SIS-127579) [Enhancement] 

    The Course Location Code field was updated to report the Enrollment Location Override value if it's populated. If the Enrollment Location Override is NULL, the value reports from System Administration > Resources > School > Location Code.

    Article(s): SIRS Staff Student Course (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Staff Student Course


  • SIRS Student Class Entry Exit Update  (SIS-127579) [Enhancement] 

    The Location Code field was updated to report the Enrollment Location Override value if it's populated. If the Enrollment Location Override is NULL, the value reports from System Administration > Resources > School > Location Code of the school to which the Class Course is tied.

    Article(s): SIRS Student Class Entry Exit (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Class Entry Exit