RP.1921- May 2019


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Grammarly Browser Extension Causing Error When Switching from Campus Tools to Campus Instruction (SIS-126349)

    The Grammarly web browser extension was causing users to receive an error message when switching from Campus Tools to Campus Instruction. This issue has been corrected.

    Article(s): N/A
    Path: No Specific Path


  • Mailing Label Report (SIS-124093)

    The following modifications have been made to the Mailing Label Report:

    • When generating Student labels, Non-household members who are marked as Mailing and Guardian print.
    • When a student has no relationships records that are marked as Guardian and the report option of Include Guardian Name is marked, the student's name prints on the label.
    • When generating Guardian labels, the active identity of guardians (when there may be multiple identity records) print
    • Only active relationship records that are marked as guardians print on a label.
    • When including Guardian names on Student Labels, only those household members marked as Guardian are printed.
    • When students have a household address that has a future end date, the label at that address prints until the day after the address end date.

      Article: Mailing Labels Report
      Path: Census > Reports > Mailing Labels

  • Campus Digital Repository Usage Updated to Reflect Billing Student Count (SIS-124549) [Enhancement] 

    The calculation used to determine the amount of free storage available within Campus Digital Repository has been updated to refresh each time the tool is reloaded. The student count is based on your district’s contract with Campus and is used to calculate the amount of free space within the Digital Repository Preferences tool.

    Article(s): Monitor Storage Space on the Campus Digital Repository (CDR)
    Path: System Administration > Digital Repository > Preferences > Digital Repository

  • Campus Tool Navigation Updated to Properly Display No License Landing Page for Campus Instruction Tools (SIS-126310) [Enhancement] 

    Campus Tool Search navigation has been updated so that when a user navigates to any Campus Instruction tools for which their district does not have a license to use, they are informed of this lack of license. This notification was put in place to ensure users understand their inability to access the tool is not due to a lack of tool rights or disabled tooling but a lack of a licensing agreement between their district and Campus. 

    Article(s): Searching in Campus
    Path: Campus Tool Search Bar

Teacher Updates

  • Campus Instruction Reports (SIS-122984) [Enhancement] 

    The Campus Instruction reports have been updated with a more intuitive and helpful interface. The report list can now be filtered by type of report and teachers can mark their favorite reports for future use.

    The report editors have also been updated to clarify options and improve visual style. Selected report options are saved when a teacher generates a report, saving teachers time in setting up the report between uses. Some reports can now be generated for multiple sections at a time. The Blank Spreadsheet report has been updated to allow teachers to enter column headers. Small improvements have also been made to other reports.

    Article(s): Campus Instruction Reports
    Path: Campus Instruction > Reports

  • Score Copier Updates (SIS-125574) [Enhancement] 

    The Score Copier has been updated to improve clarity and usability. A "New Students" button has been added that filters the student list to only recently added students (based on the Days to Flag Roster Additions preference set at the district). Scores can now be copied from sections in different calendars if both sections have the same teacher or the same Course Name, as well as the same Task/Standard grading alignment. Visual improvements were also made.

    Article(s): Copying Scores
    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Score Copier

Other Changes

  • Attendance Reports - DOCX Format (SIS-125410) (SIS-125409) (SIS-125399) (SIS-125276) [Enhancement] 

    Attendance Reports can now be generated in DOCX format.

    Article(s): Student AttendanceReports (Attendance)Classroom Monitor
    Path:Student Information > General > Attendance; Attendance > Reports; Attendance > Classroom Monitor

  • Behavior Reports - DOCX Format (SIS-125419) [Enhancement] 

    The following Behavior reports can now be generated in DOCX format:

    • Event Type History (from Behavior Event Types tool)
    • Resolution Type History (from Behavior Resolution Types tool)
    • Behavior Attendance Audit
    • Behavior Detail (from the student's Behavior tab)
    • Removal

      Article(s): Student BehaviorEvent TypesResolution TypesBehavior Reports
      Path:Student Information > General > Behavior; Behavior > Reports

  • Census People Reports - DOCX Format (SIS-125420) [Enhancement] 

    Reports generated from the following Census People tabs can now be generated in DOCX format:

  • Census People Reports (SIS-125275) [Enhancement] 

    The Person Summary Report and the Demographics Data Report can now be generated in DOCX format.

    Article(s): Demographics
    Path: Census > People > Demographics

  • Census Reports - DOCX Format (SIS-125421) [Enhancement] 

    Census Reports can now be generated in DOCX format.

    Article(s): Census Reports
    Path: Census > Reports

  • Counseling Meeting Report Update (SIS-125619) [Enhancement] 

    The .docx file format has been added to the Counseling Meeting Report.

    Article(s): Meeting Report; Reporting Options for Counseling Meetings
    Path: Student Information > Reports > Meeting Report; Student Information > Counseling > Meetings > Report


  • Locker Reports - DOCX Format (SIS-125618) [Enhancement] 

    Locker reports can now be generated in DOCX format.

    Article(s): Locker Reports
    Path: System Administration > Lockers > Reports


  • Portal Usage - Parents of Students with Disabled Accounts (SIS-125587)

    A checkbox has been added to the Portal Usage Report called 'Include parent accounts whose students' accounts are disabled.' If this checkbox is marked, parent accounts that meet report requirements are included even if that their students' accounts have been disabled.

    Article(s): Portal Usage Report
    Path: Campus Instruction > Reports > Portal Usage; System Administration > Portal > Reports > Portal Usage

  • Grade Book and OneRoster Errors (SIS-126468)

    This case addresses the error some teachers received when entering grades in the Grade Book. It also corrects the connection issue some districts experienced with the OneRoster API.

    Article(s): N/A
    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book


  • Rolling Cumulative GPA Incorrect in Calendar with Multiple Structures (SIS-124122)

    A student's Rolling Cumulative GPA was incorrect when that student was enrolled in a calendar using multiple schedule structures. This has been corrected.

    The view used to calculate Rolling Cumulative GPA has been updated to correctly calculate GPAs for all terms in a calendar, including multiple term structures and terms that have the same name in those structures.

    On the Grades tab, the display of the Term GPA and the Rolling Cumulative GPA follows the selected System Preference for GPA decimal places. GPA calculations for the RollingCumGPA do not round the Cumulative GPA used in the calculation based on the System Preferences for GPA decimal places. The preference applies to the final value that displays in the product, not to intermediate GPAs used in the calculation.

    Article(s): GPA Calculations in Campus
    Path: Student Information > General > Grades

New York State Data Warehouse

  • Student Class Grades Detail Update (SIS-125057)

    The Student Class Grades Detail was taking over an hour to generate in the Batch Queue. This issue was corrected.

    Article(s): SIRS Student Class Grades Detail (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Class Grades Detail

  • SIRS Programs Fact Update (SIS-125828)

    The SIRS Programs Fact was updated to exclude EL Records and EL Services Records with future start dates.

    Article(s): SIRS Programs Fact (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Programs Fact

  • Correction for Selecting "All Grades" when Generating Student Lite (SIS-126061)

    The Staff Student Course and Student Lite reports were not returning results when "All Grades" was selected in the "Included State Grade Levels" field. This issue was corrected.

    Article(s): SIRS Staff Student Course (New York)SIRS Student Lite (New York)
    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Staff Student Course; NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Lite