RP.1917- Apr 2019


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • New Student Summary (SIS-123716) [Enhancement] 

    The Student Summary tab has been redesigned. Basic student information still displays, along with additional items, and contact information is easier to locate. Access to the classic summary tab is also available.

    Here are a few highlights:

    • Student information displays in cards, organized by Person, Household and District Defined. Expand these areas to see more information as needed.
    • Guardians for the student display in a Quick Contacts section. Click their name to view additional data on that individual.
    • Bus and locker information display in the Show More section of the Person Information card.
    • All members of the student's household(s) are easily located, along with their specific contact information and enrollment highlights (if applicable).
    • Non-household contacts (emergency contacts, for example) display in their own card.

    • Summary tab reports have been moved to a side panel and can be generated in PDF or DOCX.

      Tool rights have been modified. See the article below for specific details.

      Article: Summary Tab (NEW)
      Path: Student Information > General > Summary
  • Chrome Autocomplete Disabled for Campus Tool Search (SIS-124589) [Enhancement] 

    An update was made to the Campus Tool Search bar to no longer allow Chrome to use the autocomplete feature when entering values into the field.

    Article: Searching in Campus
    Path: Campus Tool Search Bar

  • Grammarly and Google Input Tools Chrome Extensions Causing Campus Login Page to Continuously Refresh (SIS-123400)

    The Grammarly and Google Input Tools Chrome extensions were causing the Campus login page to continuously refresh and prevent users from entering credential information. This issue has been corrected.

    Article: N/A
    Path: Campus Login Page


  • Campus Student/Parent Updates (SIS-125084) [Enhancement] 

    The following modifications have been made to the Campus Student/Campus Parent:

    • Sorting child test for multiple parent tests that share a name but have different dates now sort correctly.
    • The header of District Tests only displays when the student has district tests.
    • An error message indicating the school has not enabled assessments no longer displays when the school did have it enabled.
    • Race subcategories no longer display information for the previous student in the same household.
    • The Approve Request Window for Demographics now displays changes in the Race field.
    • Race subcategory fields no longer display when the Include Race/Ethnicity option is not marked.
    • Update Family Relationship is now included in the Portal Request Processor.
    • Incorrect message display when the Health Display Option is not set.
    • The Contact Preferences Page now displays for parents who have a student only enrolled in a future calendar.

      Article: Campus StudentCampus Parent
      Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

  • Campus Student and Campus Parent Additional Updates (SIS-125515) [Enhancement] 

    The following updates have been made to and in support of Campus Student and Campus Parent:

    • The Translations tool has been updated so that translations to include a Campus Parent/Student application, renaming the existing application to Legacy Portal. Translations entered in this area apply to Campus Student and Campus Parent when the applicable language is chosen.
    • A new Calendar view has been added for parents and students that can be set to display the student's assignments, schedule, or attendance events. Click a day to view records for that day. The existing Weekly Overview tool is available through the icon in the top right of the calendar.
    • Updates have been made to improve the performance of assignments.
    • Assignment have been updated so that only assignments due within the student's Roster dates display, unless an assignment due outside those dates has a score, flag, or teacher comment.
    • Previously, Campus Parent users were unable to reset their password using their activation key. This has been corrected.
    • Previously, transportation records entered into directly into the database did not display in Campus Student and Campus Parent properly. This has been corrected.

      Article(s): Campus StudentCampus ParentTranslations
      Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

  • Health Medications End Date Added and Display Updates (SIS-120233) [Enhancement] 

    Several updates have been made to the Health module to fix several issues. Updates to the Medications tab include:

    • An End Date field has been added to the Medication Detail to indicate the last date the medication will be available for administration in a Health Office Visit. This field is not required.
    • A warning message displays when creating a new Medication record and no Calendar is selected. This warning previously displayed upon Saving the record.

      Updates to the Health Office Visit tab include:
    • This tool now honors the End Date field on the Medication Detail when displaying available medications after selecting the Add Medication Dose button.
    • An issue with the Doses Remaining/Submitted, Route, and Directions text displaying off the editor when the Medication Name is long has been resolved.
    • An issue with the Route field not displaying correctly has also been resolved.
    • Verbiage on several warning messages have been updated.

    • When creating a new Medication Dose, the Medication Name, Strength, and Form display for all medications in the list.

      An issue with the Route field displaying the Code instead of the Name on the HOV History tab has been resolved.

      Article: Enter a Student's Medication InformationHealth Office VisitsHOV History
      Path: Student Information > Health > Medications; Student Information > Health > Health Office Visits; Student Information > Health > General > HOV History

Teacher Updates

  • No updates were included in this release that directly impact teachers.

Other Changes

  • Discussions - Translations (SIS-125405) [Enhancement] 

    Fields for translating fields in Discussions in Campus Student and Campus Parent have been added to the Translations tool.

    Article(s): Translations
    Path: System Administration > Data Utilities > Languages/Translations > Translations

  • Transportation Report Formats (SIS-125150) [Enhancement] 

    The Student Bus Assignment and the Transportation Summary Report can now be generated in PDF or DOCX.

    Article: Student Bus AssignmentTransportation Summary
    Path: System Administration > Transportation> Reports > Student Buss Assignment, Transportation Summary

  • Duplicate Student Search Report Format (SIS-121189) [Enhancement] 

    The Duplicate Student Search Report now generated in PDF, CSV, HTML or DOCX.

    Article: Duplicate Students Search
    Path: Student Information > Reports > Duplicate Students Search

  • Student Test Score Detail Report Now Available in .DOCX Format (SIS-125274) [Enhancement] 

    The Student Test Score Detail Report is now available in .DOCX format. Now, when Print is selected on a student’s Assessments tab, they will be prompted with a pop-up asking them to select a format of PDF or DOCX.

    Article: Assessment (Student)
    Path: Student Information > General > Assessment > Print

  • Calendar Days Report Formats (SIS-125234) [Enhancement] 

    The Calendar Days Print and Print Rotation Report can now be generated in PDF or DOCX.

    Article: Days

    Path: System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Days

  • Non-Campus Assignment Notifications (SIS-123804) [Enhancement] 

    Notifications are now sent through Campus Parent and Campus Student for score and grade updates resulting from receiving non-Campus assignments from a Digital Learning Partner.

    Article(s): Campus StudentCampus Parent
    Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

  • In-Progress Grades (SIS-125431) [Enhancement] 

    In-Progress grades are now recalculated when an assignment score is received from a Digital Learning Partner and Non-Campus Assignment Defaults have been established.

    Article(s): N/A
    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book


  • Active Courses vs. Dropped Courses - Inconsistency in Date Logic (SIS-122433)

    Date logic has been modified for the display of active courses vs. dropped courses in Student Schedule Reports and Responsive Course Offerings.

    An Active Course is defined as a course that is not yet dropped, which has one of three impacts, depending on the context of the course:

    • If the course met in a previous term, "active" means the roster placement for the student either has a blank (null) end date or the end date is the last date of the term.
    • If the course meets in the current term, "active" means the roster placement for the student either has a blank (null) end date or the end date is greater than or equal to the current date.
    • If the course meets in a future term, "active" has no real meaning, as all future courses are considered active regardless of the start or end date.

      Options have been added to schedule report formats to display or not display Responsive Courses on printed schedules (Responsive Courses do not automatically display). Responsive courses follow the same logic for Active vs Dropped as outlined above.

      Article: Student Schedule (Counseling)Student Schedule (Health)Request DetailScheduling MessengerSchedule Report Preferences
      Path: Student Information > Counseling > Schedule; Student Information > Health > Schedule; Student Information > General > Schedule > Scheduling Messenger; System Administration > Preferences > Reports > Schedule; Scheduling > Reports > Request Detail

New York State Data Warehouse

  • SIRS Student Class Grades Detail Extract Update (SIS-125469)

    The SIRS Student Class Grades Detail extract was updated to report the fields in the correct order.

    • Dual Credit Code was moved to position 25 after Student Class Credit Type.
    • Cumulative Clock Time was moved to position 26 after Dual Credit Code.

      Article(s): SIRS Student Class Grades Detail (New York)
      Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Class Grades Detail