RP.1913- Mar 2019


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes


  • Campus Student and Campus Parent Updates (SIS-124655) [Enhancement] 

    The following updates have been made to Campus Student and Campus Parent:

    • Surveys now display in a separate tab in the Message Center.
    • Attendance displays customized for Kentucky users have been updated.
    • Report cards updated to include an explanation of the * indicator for in-progress grades.
    • Notices displayed on the login screen have been updated.
    • Various other small cosmetic and bug fixes.

      Article(s): Campus Student PortalCampus Parent Portal
      Path: Campus Student Portal, Campus Parent Portal


  • Portal Request Processor, Campus Parent/Student Self Service - Race/Ethnicity Subcategories (SIS-120542)

    For states that require the selection of a Race/Ethnicity Subcategory for a person's Demographics information, the Self Service tools on Campus Parent and Campus Student now include the Race/Ethnicity subcategories and have also been updated to allow change requests.

    The Portal Request Processor has also been updated for these subcategories.

    Article: Portal Request ProcessorCampus Parent PortalCampus Student Portal

    Path: Census > Portal Request Processor, Campus Parent/Student


  •  Campus Parent/Student - Contact Preferences, Course Registration, Assessment, School Choice (SIS-124404) [Enhancement] 

    The following modifications have been made to Course Registration in Campus Student/Campus Parent:

    • When adding a course, only one scroll bar displays.

      The following modifications have been made to School Choice in Campus Student/Campus Parent:
    • Applications are listed in School alphabetical order, unless there is a preferred rank associated with those applications, in which case the applications are listed in rank order.

      The following modifications have been made to Assessments in Campus Student/Campus Parent:

    • The list of Assessments for a student has been reformatted for ease of use.

    • Users can now correctly print Course Registration information on an Apple and Android mobile device.

      The following modifications have been made to Contact Preferences in Campus Student/Campus Parent:

    • A parent viewing contact information for their household received an error message when attempting to save changes when their student was in multiple households. This has been corrected.
    • When adding a value to a field that previously had no value, an email was not sent alerting the user to the change. When updating an existing value, an email was sent, but the original field was not included in the email. Both of these issues have been corrected.
    • Emails sent to users when they modified information now use consistent verbiage in relation to the Campus Student and Campus Parent.
    • When an email is available for a Campus Student/Campus Parent user, an email is sent when changes are made to other areas on the Contact Preferences.
    • Updates made from one primary or secondary email address trigger confirmation emails to be sent to the updated primary or secondary email addresses.
    • Teacher contact preferences for phone are not enabled.
    • Race requirements set on System Preferences are now enforced in Campus Student/Campus Parent.
    • The field "Is the student Hispanic/Latino?" displays as required when the System Preference is set to anything but No One.
    • Race/Ethnicity and Race/Ethnicity Subcategories (if available) now include the phrase "Select all that apply."

      Article: Campus Parent PortalCampus Student Portal
      Path: Campus Parent/Student

  • Campus Student/Parent - Request a Schedule Change (SIS-124986) [Enhancement] 

    When Portal Preferences for Display Counselor Email are marked, students and parents can request a change to the student's schedule in Campus Student or Campus Parent

    On the student Schedule, users can click the Counselor's email, draft a message to the counselor requesting a schedule change, and send it to the counselor. This requires a student to have a counselor assigned and for the counselor to have an email address listed in their Contact Preferences.

    Article: Display OptionsCampus StudentCampus Parent

    Path: System Administration > Portal > Preferences > Display Options; Campus Student, Campus Parent > Schedule

  • OneRoster - Grade Levels (SIS-121453)

    The OneRoster API has been updated to report CEDS grade levels, per the specification, instead of district-defined grade level values. The CEDS mapping is determined by the NCES mapping of the grade level. District grade levels are reported for grade levels that do not map to a CEDS value.

    Article(s): OneRoster API
    Path: No Specific Path

Teacher Updates

  • Default Options for Uncategorized Assignments (SIS-123170) [Enhancement] 

    A tool called Non-Campus Assignment Defaults has been added, which allows teachers to establish default grading alignments for assignments received from a Digital Learning Partner through the OneRoster API. These defaults are set by section.

    OneRoster connections to Digital Learning Partners are part of the Campus Learning premium offering and are managed by the district.

    Article(s): Uncategorized Assignments

    Path: Grade Book > Settings > Non-Campus Assignment Defaults

Other Changes

  • Test Accommodations Report - New Format Options (SIS-121330) [Enhancement] 

    The Test Accommodations Report can now be generated in CSV and DOCX Format.

    Article: Test Accommodations
    Path: Student Information > Reports > Test Accommodations Report


  • Enrollment Status Report - New Format Options (SIS-121327) [Enhancement] 

    The Enrollment Status Report can now be generated in CSV & DOCX Format.

    Article: Enrollment Status
    Path: Student Information > Reports > Enrollment Status Report


  • Enrollment Summary Details - CSV Format, State/Local Enrollment Status (SIS-121325) [Enhancement] 

    The Enrollment Summary Details Report can now be generated in CSV Format, and Enrollment Types (state or local start/end statuses) can now be selected.

    Article: Enrollment Summary Details Report
    Path: Student Information > Reports > Enrollment Summary Details


  • Campus Student/Parent - Course Registration (SIS-124946)

    The following updates have been made to Course Registration:

    • The total number of course units for skinnied courses is no longer doubled, and matches the course units when viewing the Walk-In Scheduler for a student. (2865)
    • Future calendars associated with the active/current school year (Summer School calendars, for example) now display. (2868)

      Path: Campus Student > Course Registration
      Article: Course Registration (Campus Student)

  • Send Test Email Field Added to Messenger Email Settings (SIS-124054) [Enhancement] 

    A Send Test Email field has been added to the Email Settings tab. This new field allows you to enter an email address and test whether the settings you have entered in the tab are correct. If the settings are correct, you will receive a test email in your inbox.

    Article: Email Settings
    Path: System Administration > Messenger > Messenger Preferences > Email Settings

  • Ad Hoc Today Filter Added (SIS-124688) [Enhancement] 

    A "Today" filter option has been added to the Ad Hoc Query Wizard.

    Article: Create an Ad hoc Filter Using the Query Wizard
    Path: Ad hoc Reporting > Filter Designer > Query Wizard

  • Attendance Wizard - Tardy with NULL Present Minutes (SIS-114047)

    When a student was checked out in a period with an Attendance code of Tardy and there were no (NULL) Present Minutes, the Check Out did not save. This has been corrected.  A Check Out in the passing time between periods when the earlier period has a Tardy and NULL Present Minutes also saves as expected.

    When a student is checked out from a period where there is an attendance code of Tardy and the present minutes are saved as NULL, the calculation of present minutes uses the time from the Check Out to the end of the period, minus lunch minutes, if applicable to the period.

    • If Present Minutes are entered for the period, the calculation of new Present Minutes uses the saved value. The total minutes from the Check Out to the end of the period, minus lunch minutes, is subtracted from the existing Present Minutes.
    • If the resulting number of Present Minutes results in  a negative number, the Check Out code and timestamp are saved but the Present Minutes report as zero. The Check Out code and timestamp are also applied to all subsequent periods.

      Path: Attendance > Attendance Wizard
      Article: Attendance Wizard

New York State Data Warehouse

  • No updates were included in this release that pertain to NY State Data Warehouse.