RP.1909- Feb 2019


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • New York Immunization Update (SIS-121918)

    The Hepatitis B vaccine immunization compliance rules have been updated for New York.

    Article: New York Immunization Rules

    Article: System Administration > Health > Vaccines

  • Campus Student & Campus Parent Updates (SIS-123615) [Enhancement] 

    The User Account Batch Wizard has been updated to include an option for updating student and parent home pages. When 'Update Home Page' is selected as the Change Type, student and parent home pages will be updated from the Portal to the new Campus Student and Campus Parent portals. Users are assigned a home page of Campus Student if they have an enrollment, including emancipated students with a guardian relationship to themselves and students who are also parents. Users are assigned a home page of Campus Parent if they have a Relationship to a student with Guardian or Portal marked, including former students who are now parents. This conversion affects all portal accounts, not just active ones.

    Additionally, the following updates have been made to Campus Student and Campus Parent:

    • Preparation work for translations, which will be available in a future release of Campus Student and Campus Parent.
    • When a user clicks a notification from the bell icon, they are routed to the related screen, such as assignments or grades.
    • Issue fixed in which exempt absences were counted differently than they were in the previous Portal.
    • Notifications are no longer sent for assignments in which the student is marked as exempt.
    • Notifications are no longer sent for food service balances if the preference is set to off.
    • 'Multiple Scores' no longer displays for unscored assignments that have multiple alignments.
    • Assignment flags and comments have been added to the grade detail screen.
    • Updated text on the assignment screen indicating where users can enter their email addresses.

      Article(s): User Account Batch WizardCampus StudentCampus Parent

      Path: System Administration > User Security > User Preference Management > User Account Batch Wizard; Campus Student; Campus Parent

  • Response to Intervention Updates (SIS-120831) [Enhancement] 

    Several enhancements have been made to the Response to Intervention tools. Updates include:

    • An Additional School(s) picker field has been added to the Intervention Providers tool.
    • A new option has been added to the Response to Intervention preferences, Use School Scope for Response to Intervention Staff.
    • Previously, the Use School Scope Advisers/Service Providers/SPED Staff preference for Special Ed was impacting the Response to Intervention module. This preference has been changed to only impact the Special Ed module.
    • An issue with staff members displaying more than once in the Team Members dropdowns has been resolved.
    • The Refresh Census Information button logic on the Team Members detail has been updated to display the correct school address of the team member relative to their district assignments and the school selected in the toolbar. If the team member has active district assignments in multiple different schools, the address of the district will display.

      Article: Define RTI Intervention Service ProvidersSet RTI PreferencesPreferences (Special Ed)Team Members (RTI)

      Article: System Administration > Response to Intervention > Intervention Providers; System Administration > Response to Intervention > Preferences; System Administration > Special Ed > Preferences; Student Information > Response to Intervention > General > Team Members

  • Schedule Wizard - IEP Count (SIS-104577) [Enhancement] 

    The Schedule Wizard now includes a count of special education students in the future calendar in which courses are being planned when the following is true:

    • Students who have an IEP in the current calendar and have an enrollment record in a future calendar but no IEP in the future calendar.
    • Students who have an active IEP as of today.
    • Path: Scheduling > Schedule Wizard

      Article: Schedule Wizard

Teacher Updates

  • No updates were included in this release that directly impact teachers.

Other Changes

  • Duplicate IDs Report (SIS-121326) [Enhancement] 

    The Duplicate IDs Report can now be generated in CSV Format.

    Article: Duplicate IDs

    Path: Student Information > Reports > Duplicate IDs

  • Health Conditions Summary Report and Conditions List Updates (SIS-97509)

    Updates to the Health Condition Summary Report include:

    • The Start and End Date fields default to the dates of the calendar selected in the toolbar.
    • Previously when the Health Conditions list had groups with alpha/numeric group codes, the Health Condition Summary Report resulted in a conversion error when choosing a single numeric group. This has been fixed to allow a single Health Condition group to be chosen from a list of mixed alpha and numeric codes.
    • The Code column on the printed version has been expanded to display both the Type and Code up to 25 characters.
    • The Description column on the printed version has been expanded to allow up to 100 characters.
    • The report now prints in Portrait instead of a Landscape orientation.

      Updates to the Condition List include:
    • The Flagable field has been renamed to Allow Flag.
    • The Description field has been expanded to allow entry of up to 160 characters. The Description displays fully in the editor and in at Student Information > Health > Conditions > Health Condition with an expanded text box.

      Article: Health Condition Summary ReportCondition List
      Path: Health > Reports > Health Condition Summary; System Administration > Health > Condition List

  • Student Profile (SIS-117422) [Enhancement] 

    The Student Profile tab now includes the ability to print the displayed information in PDF format by choosing the View as PDF button.

    Article: Profile
    Path: Student Information > General > Profile

  • Enrollment Roll Forward (SIS-123281)

    Editor text on the Enrollment Roll Forward tool has been modified, and the Product Documentation (see the article below) has been updated to more clearly detail the logic used when retaining or demoting a student, and when the school uses School Boundaries to determine the school of enrollment.

    Article: Enrollment Roll Forward

    Path: System Administration > Student > Enrollment Roll Forward

  • School Choice Available in Campus Parent (SIS-116181) [Enhancement] 

    School Choice is now available in Campus Parent for parents to choose the school within the district that best meets their students' needs.

    School Choice is NOT available in Campus Student.

    Article: Campus Parent PortalDisplay Options
    Path: Campus Parent Portal > More > School Choice

  • Behavior Incident Completion without Participant (SIS-123370) [Enhancement] 

    New Behavior Preferences have been added that allow behavior incidents to be marked complete without a participant being associated with it.

    When the Require participant before behavior incident can be set to complete is set to No (default setting), behavior incidents can be set to complete without a participant being assigned. When set to Yes, a participant is needed to mark the incident complete.

    When the Require participant before behavior referral can be submitted is set to No (default setting), referrals without a participant being assigned can be submitted. When set to Yes, a participant is needed to submit the referral.

    Article: Preferences (Behavior)Behavior ReferralAdd and Edit Behavior Incidents

    Path: Behavior > Admin > Preferences; Behavior > Referral, Behavior Management

  • Positive Attendance Import Wizard Now Available (SIS-122821) [Enhancement] 

    The Positive Attendance Import Wizard is now available for all Campus customers (except for Kentucky users). The Positive Attendance Import Wizard allows you to import positive attendance records from a separate Learning Management System (LMS) or from other external sources (Excel file, etc). This wizard can be used daily, weekly, monthly, or even on an irregular schedule.

    Note: This tool only imports positive attendance data. It does not update existing positive attendance records within Campus. If positive attendance records need to be update, please use the ‘Positive Attendance’ type within the Attendance Wizard tool.

    Article: Positive Attendance Import Wizard

    Path: Attendance > Positive Attendance Import Wizard

  • Fees Available in Campus Student (SIS-124263) [Enhancement] 

    Users can now view Fees in Campus Student.

    Article(s): Campus Student Portal

    Path: Campus Student > Fees

  • Report Card Preference Options and Print Modifications (SIS-47528) (SIS-122190) [Enhancement] 

    The following modifications have been made to Report Card Preferences and Report Card print display:

    Standards Based Report Card Options

    • Report on Terms options are now available.
    • The Standards Display Options have been modified. Instead of Display All Scores, users can now select Grades for Selected Terms, and then choose which terms to include in the report. The other two options are Best Grade Only (previously was Display Best Score Only) and Most Recent Grade Only (previously was Display Most Recent Score Only).
    • When printing the Standards Based Report Card, the list of standards now includes the course and section in which the student was graded if that standard is scored in more than one course.
    • When creating a new report card or editing an existing report card, the Attendance Summary section needs to be selected. Previously, this option was automatically selected.

      Conventional Report Card Options
    • The Report on Terms radio buttons have been changed to checkboxes, allowing selection of multiple terms. The option to exclude previous terms has been removed.

      Standards Based and Conventional Report Card Options
    • When only one term is selected for Attendance Summary printing, no total column of attendances is listed on the printed report card. A total column only displays when more than one term is selected. This also applies to Attendance Messenger.
    • The label for Attendance Summary on the printed report card now prints as Attendance Summary by Term.
    • A new Tasks to Display section has been added that includes the option to print All Standards and Tasks (graded and ungraded grading tasks and standards) or Graded Standards and Tasks Only (only prints grading tasks and standards that have scores).
    • When printing a report card for only In-Progress Grades, only the calculated in-progress grade displays, even when a posted score has been entered for the selected task in that term.

      Also note that when a report is rolled forward into a new or another calendar, the Term Schedule Name, the Schedule Structure Name and the number of Terms must match between the calendars in order for terms to be selected on the new report.

      Article: Report Card Preferences
      Path: System Administration > Preferences > Reports > Report Card
  • User Account Type Wizard Updated to Convert Up to 9000 Accounts Per Tool Run (SIS-104151) [Enhancement] 

    The User Account Type Wizard has been updated to convert up to 9000 accounts per time the tool is run.

    Note: User who need to convert more than 9000 accounts can run the tool multiple times until all accounts are converted (assuming you allow for conversion to complete between each tool run).

    Article: User Account Type Wizard

    Path: System Administration > User Security > Batch and Import Wizards > User Account Type Wizard

New York State Data Warehouse

  • No updates were included in this release that pertain to NY State Data Warehouse.