RP.1905- Jan 2019


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Language Translation for Campus Parent Now Available (SIS-123254) [Enhancement] 

    The Campus Parent app is now available within the Translations tool. Users can now establish language translations for the Campus Parent login page as well as the landing page and tool outline. Once translations are configured by the district, parents can access these translations via a language dropdown list at the bottom of the screen on the Campus Parent login screen, as well as within the app itself. 

    Article: TranslationsCampus Parent Portal

    Path: System Administration > Data Utilities > Languages/Translations > Translations; Campus Parent

  • Medication Name Classification Update (SIS-120227) [Enhancement] 

    A new dropdown, Classification, has been added to the Medication Name editor in System Administration. This option allows staff to identify the category of the medication, such Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, etc. Values in this dropdown can be modified in the Attribute/Dictionary. The Classification and Doses Administered fields have also been added to Ad Hoc at Health > Medications.

    Article: Medication NameMedicationsEnter a Student's Medication Information

    Path: System Administration > Health > Medication Name

Teacher Updates

  • Multi-Score Editor (SIS-123359) [Enhancement]

    This release includes a new version of the Multi-Score view, which greatly improves the usability and appearance of this tool. Accessed through the Score button on an assignment or through the Multi-Score link in the Grade Book, this tool is used to score assignments with multiple grading task/standard alignments.

    Updates help teachers score assignments more quickly, including a simplified display of rubric score options, enhanced fill options, and a Rapid Scoring view with improved keyboard navigation.

    Article(s): Scoring Assignments through the Grade BookScoring Student Submissions

    Path: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Expanded Assignment > Multi-Score

  • Google+ Dependencies Removed (SIS-123790) [Enhancement] 

    A dependency to the Google+ API has been removed from Google Drive integration in Campus Student and Campus Parent in preparation for this API being shut down.

    Article(s): N/A

    Path: No Specific Path

Other Changes

  • National Test Codes Added to Assessments (SIS-123001)

    The following National Test Codes were added:

    • PreACT


    • PSAT 10

    • PSAT 8/9

    • WorkKeys

    • ASPIRE

      Article: Test Setup
      Path: Assessment > Test Setup > Tests > National Test > National Code

  • Course Registration Available in Campus Student/Campus Parent (SIS-123269) [Enhancement] 

    Course Registration is now available in Campus Student/Campus Parent.

    Article: Campus Student PortalCampus Parent PortalCourse Registration

    Path: Campus Student/ Campus Parent > More > Course Registration

  • Notification for Parents/Students when Changing Contact Preferences (SIS-123569) [Enhancement] 

    When a parent/guardian or student updates their contact information (email addresses or phone numbers), an email notification is sent to those users acknowledging the change, and alerting them to changes they may not have made.

    Article: Campus Student PortalCampus Parent Portal

    Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

  • System Administration Portal Usage Report (SIS-123227) [Enhancement] 

    The Portal Usage report in System Administration has been updated to provide details about student and parent users instead of summaries by grade. The report editor now includes additional options for filtering the accounts reported, include limiting results to actively enrolled students and parents who have not accessed their accounts, and filtering results by Student, Course, an Ad hoc Filter, or Grade Level. Results include student and guardian names, the date of last access, and the number of times the account has been accessed.

    Article(s): Portal Usage Report (System Administration)

    Path: System Administration > Portal > Reports > Portal Usage

  • Transcript Updates (SIS-122494) [Enhancement] 

    The following modifications have been made to the Student Transcript (Student Information > Counseling > General > Transcript):

    • A Comments column has been added to the Master Transcript Screen. For longer comments, only a portion of the comment may display, but when hovering over the field, the entire comment displays in the pop-up text.
    • Padding between columns on the Master Transcript Screen has been reduced. A horizontal scroll bar may display for smaller screen/monitor sizes.
    • The Edit, Cancel and Save buttons have been replaced with icon buttons.
    • The Credit Type field sorts as follows:
      • Credit Groups and Standards associated with the selected School name on the Transcript Record sort first. These are selected on the School Standards tool (System Administration > Resources > Resources > School Standards).
      • Credit Groups and Standards not associated with the selected School name follow, and include a label of NOT IN USE.
      • When entering transcript records by typing in the School field (not selecting options from a dropdown list), Credit Groups and Standards display as they would if they were chosen in the School Standards tool.

        Article: Transcript (Counseling)
        Path: Student Information > Counseling > General > Transcript​​​​​​

New York State Data Warehouse

  • No updates were included in this release that pertain to NY State Data Warehouse.