RP.1901 - Jan 2019


  • Be sure to read the New York State Data Warehouse changes at the bottom of this article for information on important updates that have been made to extracts.

Important Changes

  • Census Mailing Label Report Significantly Enhanced ( SIS-119737 ) [Enhancement] 

    The Mailing Label Report can now be generated for Guardians, Teachers, Staff and District Staff, in addition to generating labels for students.

    • Guardian labels print the name(s) of the guardian who has a guardian relationship with the student and the mailing checkbox marked on the household address and on the relationship.

    • Teacher labels print the name of the teacher who has an active District Assignment record and the Teacher checkbox marked, or if using Campus HR, an active Work Assignment and a role of Teacher selected. Teachers must be in a household that has an address marked as mailing (for Campus HR, the address must be marked as HR Mailing).

    • Staff labels print the name of the staff person who has an active District Assignment record, or if using Campus HR, an active Work Assignment. Staff must be in a household that has an address marked as mailing (for Campus HR, the address must be marked as HR Mailing).

    • District Staff labels print the name of the district staff person who has an active District Employment and no District Assignment record, or if using Campus HR, an active Work Assignment. Staff must be in a household that has an address marked as mailing (for Campus HR, the address must be marked as HR Mailing).

      Existing functionality for generating student labels has not changed. Student labels can be generated by selecting a Grade level or a Course/Section. The only difference between student labels and guardian labels is the ability to print the salutation on the student label (To the Parent/Guardian of: option).

In addition to the added report options, the following modifications have been made:

  • The option to Print Labels for Student or Household has been removed, since labels can now be printed for guardians.
  • Users can now select a Starting Position for the Row and Column to begin printing.
  • The Enrollment Effective Date field is now Effective Date and is available for all report types.

Article: Mailing Labels Report
Path: Census > Reports > Mailing Labels

  • Assessment Information Now appears on new Student and Parent Portals ( SIS-115721 ) [Enhancement] 

    Assessment information is now available in Campus Student/Campus Parent.

    Article: Campus Student PortalCampus Parent Portal

    Path: Campus Student, Campus Parent

  • Infinite Campus Application Service (ICAS) Update 1.0.4 ( SIS-122255 )

    Infinite Campus Application Service (ICAS) package 1.0.4 is now available. Included in this package is the following updates to critical system applications and services:

    • Apache Tomcat - 8.5.32

    • Oracle Java – JDK 1.8.0_181

    • Campus Cloud, Cloud Choice, and In-District customers will have the ICAS package installed automatically during the update to Campus.1901.x.

    • Apache Log4j2 – 2.11.1

    • Microsoft JDBC Driver – 7.0.0 jre8

    • Apache Jvisual – 1.4.1

    • LogStash Gelf Appender – 1.11.2

    • NI02 Connector for HTTPS

    • URIEncoding to default to UTF-8

    • Max Memory increased to a default of 8GB

School's supported by EduTech will have the ICAS package installed automatically as part of this update.



Teacher Updates

  • New Teacher Schedule Report ( SIS-122983 ) [Enhancement] 

    The new Teacher Schedule report allows teachers to generate a printable version of their own schedule. Teachers must be given tool rights to this report to use it.

    Article(s): Teacher Schedule Report

    Path: Campus Instruction > Reports > Teacher Schedule

Other Changes

  • Copy Section Placements ( SIS-119201 ) [Enhancement] 

    A new option on the Calendar Periods editor has been added that allows users to copy course section placement from one Period schedule to another.  A new icon displays for those who are assigned Read, Write and Add tool rights to Calendar, called Copy Section Placements.

    Article: Periods

    Path: System Administration > Calendar > Calendar > Periods > Copy Section Placements

  • Grading Services - LTI Configuration Updates ( SIS-122930 )

    The Grading Services configuration tool for LTI has been updated to improve usability:

    -Additional configuration options that are not often used were moved to an expandable Advanced Settings section.
    -The Resync button has been renamed to Restore Defaults to more accurately reflect the available action.
    -Keys and Secrets are indicated as required when applicable.

    Article(s): LTI Configuration
    Path: System Administration > Learning Interoperability > Grading Services

  • Grading Services Sync ( SIS-122937 )

    Grading Services connections have been updated to only sync if a school or district has an active Campus Learning license. Previously, syncs were performed even if connections were not being actively used, causing unneeded Inbox messages.

    Article(s): Grading Services

    Path: System Administration > Learning Interoperability > Grading Services

  • Curriculum Templates ( SIS-122981 ) [Enhancement] 

    The Curriculum Templates tool has been moved in System Administration from Grading & Standards to Campus Learning since this tool only applies to options available as part of the Campus Learning premium offering.

    Article(s): Curriculum Templates

    Path: System Administration > Campus Learning > Curriculum Templates

  • In-Progress Grades and Assignment Due Date on Student Profile ( SIS-114842 )

    All course assignments, grading tasks, standards, scores, etc. that are available for a student are now included in the calculation of In-Progress Grades, regardless of the term (past term, current term, future term). If there is no score available, it is not part of the calculation.

    Also corrected was an issue with assignments displaying based on their Assigned Date and not their Due Date.

    Article: Profile

    Path: Student Information > General > Profile

  • Transcript Report Preferences and eTranscript Updates ( SIS-96189 ) [Enhancement] 

    The following modifications have been made to Report Preferences for Transcripts:

    • Additional options for including In-Progress Courses on the Transcript have been added. Options can also be marked to not include In-Progress Courses from previous years (Exclude Previous Years) and to include In-Progress Courses that exist for any future term in the current year (Include Future Courses).

    • If a previous course number or course name is changed, and transcripts were posted using the Transcript Post tool, the course displays correctly. If a transcript record was manually entered for a student with the previous course number or course name, that course may show as in progress. This happens because there is no section ID to attach to the record. To eliminate this from happening, mark the Exclude Prior Years for In-Progress Courses.

    • One-time grading tasks are included in the In-Progress credit total.

    • In-Progress logic follows standard date logic, which is that a course is considered in progress until midnight of the entered end date. If a student drops a course or is no longer enrolled on Tuesday the 12th, the student is still active in that course until midnight of the 12th.

      Article: Transcript Report Preferences; PESC XML

      Path: System Administration > Reports > Preferences > Transcript

New York State Data Warehouse

  • Student Class Grades Detail Update ( SIS-118388 )

    The following changes were made to or for the Student Class Grades Detail report.

    • Changes were made to improve performance and ensure the report generates in a reasonable amount of time.

    • A field called "Dual Credit Code" was added to the following areas for reporting in the Dual Credit Code element:

      • Scheduling > Courses > Sections > Roster Batch Edit

      • Student Information > General > Transcript

      • Student Information > Counseling > Transcript

    • The "Include Primary Students' Grades" checkbox was removed from the extract editor.

    • The following report data elements were updated.

      • ALPHA GRADE - Now reports blank.

      • NUMERIC GRADE - Now reports blank.


      • DUAL CREDIT CODE - Reports from the new Transcript or Roster "Dual Credit Code" field.

      • POST SECONDARY CREDITS - Format updated to allow additional digits.

        Article(s): SIRS Student Class Grades Detail (New York)
        Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Student Class Grades Detail

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SIRS Programs Fact Logic Update ( SIS-123003 )

    Campus was incorrectly including FRAM records with an excluded Certified Type in Continuous Eligibility records, causing all associated records to be excluded. This issue was corrected and now all FRAM records in a Continuous Eligibility record must be valid. If an excluded FRAM record is continuous with a valid FRAM record, only the dates from the later record will report. If an excluded record falls between two valid records, the two valid records will report separately.

    Report logic was also updated to ensure student's program records are not included in the extract when the program's End Date is prior to their first Enrollment Start Date.

    Article(s): SIRS Programs Fact (New York)

    Path: NY State Reporting > SIRS Extracts > Programs Fact